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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
October Workout Summary
September started out great. I got the most running miles in a month for the year. I finished with a great race performance. But then I was sick and slammed at work and that started the downward spiral known as October.

October 1 - 41.9 miles bike (2:36)
October 3 - 3.5 mile run (31 min)
October 5 - 3.5 mile run (31 min)
October 6 - 5 mile run (40 min)
October 7 - 65.1 mile bike (4:08)
October 9 - 5 mile run (43 min)
October 13 - 7 mile run (60 min)
October 16 - First visit with Dr. Bunzo Takamatsu
October 17 - 3.5 mile run (34 min)
October 18 - 5.0 mile run (40 min)
October 20 - Second Visit with Dr. Bunzo
- 2.0 mile run (17 min)
October 23 - Third Visit with Dr. Bunzo
October 24 - 5.0 mile run (40 min)
October 25 - 10 mile LeMond Trainer (37 min)
October 26 - 5.0 mile run (40 min)
October 27 - Fourth Visit with Dr. Bunzo
October 29 - 40 mile bike (2:22)
October 30 - fifth visit with Dr. Bunzo

Grand Totals:
Bike: 157 miles
Run: 44.5 miles
Swim: 0 meters

I don't know where or when or even how it happened, but sometime during October I tweaked my left knee. I have logged 30,000 miles on these knees and have never had a problem before. Yes I have splattered my SI. And yes I have splattered my ankles. But I have NEVER had a knee problem. Until now.

Since Sterling fired me as a patient, I have been getting some acupuncture from Dr. Bunzo Takamatsu. Dr. Bunzo does Japanese Style Acupuncture, and Moxibustion. Bunzo has been stabbing me with both the Goshin and Hinaishin needles. Neither of these are uncomfortable and the Hinaishin are pretty amazing in that they stay inserted for up to a week! Nuts! Bunzo has also been frying me with the Moxibustion which sounds worse than it is.

Results? Well right off the bat, I have been able to sleep without discomfort. Prior to my Bunzo visits, I was taking Celebrix before bed or I would be unable to sleep. Now I have been sleeping much better. Also I noticed right away that I was not as stiff in the morning - particularly after my morning commute. So in short it seems to be helping.

Bunzo has been treating my knee as well as the SI. I have been resting the knee (from running) and it does also seem to be getting better. I hope I can get back to running soon!

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Any updates on the acupuncture? I've had 2 treatments for PF and it seems to be helping. I'm quite impressed with it. I also got a few pokes for cravings, primarily chocolate cravings. I have not had any chocolate since my first treatment - 8 days ago!
Cool - Chocolate Treatments. I'll have to ask Dr. Bunzo about that!

My acupuncture is going well indeed. I am very pleased. The pain management is excellent. I have only reached for the celebrix ONCE since I started.
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