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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Fighting the wind
During our long frozen ride last Saturday, Terry proposed that we drive up to Oklahoma on Wednesday and ride around some park up there. But the guy who knows the route was not available. So last night Terry suggested that we ride down to White Rock Lake, then out past Forney, and come back on the 205 through Rockwall, then home. Stupidly I agreed to this madness. Terry said it was around 60 miles. Turns out its probably closer to 80 miles. But thankfully turned out that we would not do the whole ride.

We had a nice strong (up to 20 MPH) south wind blowing when I hooked up with Terry at 7:30. We hammered it straight into the wind for 25 miles down to White Rock Lake. At the lake we hooked up with Dave DeSosa. Dave showed us how to get from the lake down to I30. We hopped on the access road and followed that to US80. A couple of miles before we got to Forney, the access road ran out. We could either get on the highway or turn around. Since none of us had been out that way before we decided NOT to follow the original plan. So we turned back around and then FINALLY (after 45 miles) we turned North.

We followed East Fork which turned into Bobtown Road to Rowlett Road. From there we took the usual route home through Sachse. When I pulled into the homestead I had 65.4 miles. Terry reported 67 miles.

I was really happy to get the miles in, but the wind was insane!

Duration: 4:15
HR Ave 139, Max 173
Distance 65.4
Speed: Ave 15.3, Max 29.6
Cad: Ave 76, Max 107



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