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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Long Frozen Ride
Yesterday Terry, Jane and I set out for a two hour ride. It was really cold, mid thirties when we started. Jane took us on a new route through Murphy, Parker, Lucas, Fairview, Allen and Plano. It was really a nice ride though the country. I'll be sure to use that route again in the future.

I had logged about 33 miles when Terry and Jane peeled off for home. It was around 9:30 which meant that the riders from RBM should have been in the area. I guessed that they might have got a late start and that they would be behind me as I rode towards home. Sure enough just a block before home, I saw them closing in on me. Since I could not feel my feet, I figured I might as well pick up a few more miles.

Two weeks ago it was cold enough that they had combined the top two groups. When they caught me I surmised that this was the fast group. But I would not be sure until we got to the point where the routes diverged in Sachse.

Sure enough it was the fast group. I actually survived the first several hills. Usually I get dropped on the first hill. I was hanging in there pretty well. Until I realized that the guy I was drafting on was dropped from the front group. By the time he moved aside, it was too late.

So I hammered solo for about 10 miles with my HR above 180 (90% Max). There was a group of three behind me. I was able to keep up with the main group but not close any ground. I dropped the group behind.

Finally I was spent. I had less than ten miles to home. Eventually the group of three caught me. I was so hammered that I could not even keep up with them. I took the shortcut around the light at 78 and that got me in front of the group of three. They passed me a second time on Murphy Road less than a mile from home.

With discretion the better part of valor, I peeled off with 55 miles in 3.5 hours. It took about 20 minutes with the hair dryer pointed at my toes before I could actually feel my feet!

Ride Time: 3:24
HR: 185 Max, 147 Ave
Distance: 55 miles
Ave Speed: 16.1
Max Speed: 30.0
Ave CAD: 79
Max CAD: 98



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