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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Slider's New Home
Way back when in annuals of the Hughes Family, in fact it must have been about three years ago now that I think about it, we found a Turtle hiding in a soccer goal over at Breckinridge park. Logan was warming up for her game with her Kindergarten Team, "Velocity". Marissa thusly adopted the Turtle and named him Slider. Slider had been living for these past three years in a ten gallon Aquarium in Marissa's room. This is a picture taken last year of Slider in his aquarium:


Even a year ago he was too damn big for that aquarium. I tried in vain to get Marissa to take slider back to the pond in the park next to the field where we found him. But that plan was going no where. So I decided to build a Slider pond on the side of the house:

The new Turtle Pond

Slider in his new home

Marissa promptly went down to the pet store and got a slider a girlfriend who she named Sammy. I don't have a picture of Sammy because she buried herself for the winter.

Slider The Turtle


Too funny. This totally cracks me up. You might have one of those 2000 pound turtles on your hands that can live to be 500 years old or something crazy like that. LOL! I wonder what you will build him when he outgrows this home!
Its race between the turtles and Marissa. Whoever I can get out of the house the soonest! :-)
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