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Saturday, December 09, 2006
Status on the hip
Cheryl asked about how my acupuncture was going. I have continued to see Dr. Bunzo once a week. The treatments have really helped to keep the inflammation under control without having to resort to Celebrix. So my liver, in particular, has been overjoyed. And the hip is in pretty good shape!

Generally the treatment includes a 45 minute nap and generally I am taking this treatment in the middle of the day. There is nothing better than getting a nap in during the work day! So the bottom line is that the acupuncture is working well for me. I'm digging it!

Sadly my knee is still acting up when I run. As a result I have not been running. But I have been swimming like a freaking fish (4500 meters this week) and riding the bike (26 miles today at 32 freaking degrees.)


I had the same experience. The first time the acupuncturist told me to take a nap, I thought I'd never fall asleep for 45 mins in the middle of the afternoon. I soon woke myself up snoring - while laying on my belly. I love it, so relaxing. The best part is that it's helping the PF.
That's Excellent!
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