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Sunday, January 28, 2007
The Drought in North Texas
Late 2005 and all of 2006 were extremely dry and as a result Lake Lavon had fallen 16 feet below conservation pool level forcing a level 3 drought for most of North Texas. You see Lake Lavon is the source for much of our water. In a rather interesting turn of events, this January is one of the wettest on record. That made me interested to see how the recent rains effected the water levels in the lake.

On January 1 of 2007 the lake was 16 feet down. Today the lake is 8 feet down (and its still rising.) I find it amazing that the lake has risen by 8 feet in 28 days. And let me add, this is a BIG lake. Next I began wondering what the lake level was a year ago. So I looked it up and the Lake was 8 feet down a year ago - exactly like it is today. In other words the January rains have made up for the whole last year of the drought! Now that's a good thing.

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