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Sunday, January 14, 2007
A long day of soccer
After my adventure with Bikin Mike, I had to hightail it over to the Inwood Soccer Center as each of the girls had a game to play Saturday. The bad part was that Reagan was scheduled for 10:30, Logan for 2:15 and Marissa for 5:15. And that meant that there was not really enough time between games to come home, but there was too much time to hang around Inwood all day.

I arrived at Inwood just before 10:00am. The Superblue 2000 'A' team was on the field. Immediately one of the parents began shouting at me, "Hey we only have five players. Send Reagan out." Well since I did not have Reagan that really confused me. And even more so, because when I looked on the field. There was Reagan. Reagan plays for the 'B' team. But she played last season with all of these same girls and they all practice together. The other team had a full side of 7 players plus some subs. In spite of that, the five 'A' team players and Reagan beat Cosmo 5-4.

So Reagan played that whole game, and then she had to come back and play the next game with her team, the 'B' team. Two of the 'A' teamers stuck around so the 'B' team was able to play a full side of 7 players plus two or three subs. For the first 10 minutes of the second half Reagan played keeper and did not let any balls through - another shutout! In the process the 'B' team won their first game of the season, beating the Puma's 9-0. Throughout both of these games Reagan played really great soccer. I was very proud of her efforts.

We then loaded everyone up and headed to IHOP for some late breakfast and did some goofing around before heading back to Inwood for Logan's game.

With just ten minutes or so before Logan's game was to start we only had three players! And with just seconds to spare four more turned up giving her team a full side but no subs. They were playing FC Dallas, who had plenty of players on the bench. For the first half Logan played right side forward with April on the left and Savannah in middle. These girls play amazing soccer for their age. They played a triangle for most of the first half pressing the FC Dallas Defense. The two teams traded goals such that it was 2-2 at the half. Logan played her heart out and had at least ten shots on goal in her effort. But I could also tell that she was spent at the half. Not surprisingly Logan played keeper the second half. The teams traded two more goals each to get to 4-4. At that point the war of attrition began. It was obvious that our girls were out of juice without being able to take any rest. They gave up two goals and were down 6-4. With three minutes to go, they got one of those goals back, but were unable to get another goal in losing 5-6. That was a real shame because they played so well. They are an amazing team, and yet they have no wins this year - which is very surprising.

After Logan's game we killed some time up at my office, then returned for match number four. Marissa's team was playing Sting Black 96. This Sting team is a year younger than Marissa's team and they play in the Plano League which means that this was team that Marissa's team should beat. Form followed function with the Texans racking up a 5-2 win. Marissa played a great game taking several shots, racking up one assist and performing a step-over skill while moving the ball up field.

I was truly impressed with the effort that all three girls showed. Reagan really amazed me playing two games back to back including staying on the field of one of those games. Logan played her best half of soccer ever at forward. And Marissa played great soccer with the assist and the skill move, and also, taking out the keeper at one point.


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