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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Sunday at the Soccer Field
Well if you call the artificial turf at the Inwood Soccer Center a Field that is. Unlike last weekend, we only had two games. Logan's team at 3 and Marissa's team at 6. That still meant hanging around for a while between games - but that's life on the pitch I suppose.

Logan played Forward, Mid and Backfield during the first half of her game. She played well and her team was tied 1-1 at the break. Logan was sent in to play keeper in the second half. She made a bunch of great saves, and was also punting the heck out of the ball. In fact, on one play she booted the ball all the way down field to her Forward who popped it in for a goal. Her team scored three and she gave up no goals. So she came away with a shutout and and assist. She also got a compliment on her keeper play from Coach Stephen.

Marissa came out strong in her game at Forward. Later Joe put her in at Mid but she must have been gassed because she was trotting rather than running. Toward the end of the second half Joe sent in Marissa to play forward across from Katie - who is our regular keeper - but she was also playing forward. They brought the ball in and Marissa pushed it to Katie who scored. Then a few plays later Katie returned the favor and Marissa got her second goal of the season. Marissa was ecstatic to come away with a goal and an assist.

It was a good day on the pitch for the Hughes Girls.


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