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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Jan 21
First let me say, that I really felt like I needed to kick up the workouts in January. And so far its working well. I have done at least 60 minutes of something (running, swimming or biking) every day for the last two weeks! And I have worked out every day since Jan 3. Its a good streak for sure.

Monday: 60 minutes Lifecycle - 20.6 miles.
Tuesday: Victoria and Bob tried to kill me again - 2800 meters - 850 warmup 3x(300, 2x150) - 50 breast, 50 back, 50 free
Wednesday: Ice Everywhere - 60 minutes on the Treadmill 7.1 miles
Thursday: More fun with Victoria and Bob - 2775 meters - 550 warmup, 6x200, 6x100, 6x50, 75 Warmdown - 2775
Friday: 7.5 mile run in 60 minutes
Saturday: Bikin Mike - 30 miles, 2 hours.
Sunday: 8.6 mile run in 72 minutes


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