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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Jan 28
After three weeks of increasing running mileage, and thinking ahead to hill workouts, I decided it was time to do some circuits. So on Monday after work I high tailed it down to SMU to make an appearance with Coach Vaughan. Getting down to SMU from the office was murder, but I was able to get there and get in some circuits. On Wednesday, I hooked up with Karl, a bit closer to the office and we did circuits on our own. Friday and Sunday I put in some long runs.

Tuesday I hooked up with Victoria and Bob for one of our brutal swim workouts. Gerald, who joined us for part of the previous Thursdays workout was there too. Gerald brought Victoria her awards from the USAT Southwest regional. Wouldn't you know it she was named Elite for 2007 in both the Tri and Du. Thursday Victoria killed me with the 100 meter spiral of death. Basically 10x100 starting off with the first two at 2:00 and then dropping by five seconds every second one. Somehow I survived that.

Saturday I got up late but I still hauled the bike over to Sachse where I picked up the fast RBM group for the ride back to Bike Mart. Then I proceeded down Meandering Way to the El Bee Jay Freeway. I tagged up there and headed home for 37 miles at 18.2 pace - a nice ride with a bunch of tempo.

This was my third solid week in a row. In fact, I have done 26 days in a row of at least 60 minutes of effort. I have also been eating better. As a result I have lost 5 pounds!

M: Circuits SMU - 5 miles
T: Swim: 550WU, 3x300, 3x200, 3x100, 3x50, 3x50 breast, 50 - 2700 Meters
W: Circuits Hilcrest - 5 miles
Th: Swim: 150WU, 10x100 (2:00x2, 1:55x2, 1:50x2, 1:45x2 1:40x2), 400 - 6:40, 2x200 (3:13, 3:19) 4x50 stroke, 100 - 2250
F: Run 60 min 7.5 miles
S: Bike: 37.1 miles, Speed - 18.2 ave, 31 max; Cad - 85 ave, 120 Max
Su: Run 65 min, 8 miles

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