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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Beat the Dookies!
Actually - Sweep the Dookies!


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The Market Meltdown
I have not written here about the market or investments, however, if you subscribe to my Feedburner feed or my Delicious feed, then you won't be surprised with this topic.

Last week Moody's (MCO) started to collapse. I had acquired Moody's when they spun out of Dun and Bradsteet (DNB). Moody's has a great business and few competitors. The stock has been on fire for years. But all things must come to an end so last week I liquidated my position. That must have been an omen for what happened yesterday.

We've had a great market run this year, but it looks to me like the market is weak and is going through a correction. Based on that I took the opportunity yesterday and today to liquidate a few more positions.

Cognizant Technical Solutions (CTSH) is an Indian IT company. This stock has been on fire for a while as well. I had a 25% gain in my position, so I locked in that gain with a sell yesterday.

BMC Software (BMC) also blasted through its 50 day moving average last week. Based on that I liquidated about 60% of my position in BMC where I had about 100% gain.

I am holding positions in Webex (WEBX), DNB as well as my reduced position in BMC. I also like ETFs and am holding positions in SPY (S&P 500), DIA (DOW), VTI (Total Stock Market), IJR (S&P 600) and IWM (Russell 2000).

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Allen Texas Run-Bi-Tri
Sunday I participated in the Allen Run-Bi-Tri. This is a USAT sanctioned event and its a 'backwards' Triathlon: run, then bike, then swim. The backwards format is advantageous in a couple of ways. First off, when its cold as hell, as it was Sunday morning, having the swim last means that you won't die of hypothermia on the bike. Secondly, everyone starts the run together, and that means its a race not a time trial - every knucklehead that is in front of you is beating you and you are whooping up on all of the yahoos behind you. I like that aspect. The down side of this format is that the swim is a mess.

Sunday morning it was in the upper 30's and the wind was blowing pretty hard. That said it was actually what I consider perfect 5K weather. I knew that I could run hard with next to no clothes, but I was concerned that I would freeze for the 15 mile bike section. I had decided before the race to leave a jacket in transition for the bike section. For the run I wore racing flats; this was the first real race pace run I have attempted since June of '05. It was really great to race again and I felt great and strong for the whole run. My 5K was just over 19, which was about what I though it would be. I think that put me in the top 10.

I was not thinking as I headed into transition and the very first thing that I did was to yank off my left glove. At that moment I thought, "that was dumb". I quickly got my cycling shoes on. I grabbed the jacket and then decided, "Screw it." And I looked at the glove on the ground and decided it would stay there as well. I grabbed the bike and got the hell on the road.

As soon as I got on the bike I locked down my cycle shoes and found a gear that I could spin at 100 RPM. It figured that should be the goal for the bike - keep spinning high revs. We had the wind to our back for the first section then we took a right and you could feel the wind blowing hard. Two folks passed me, but I passed them both back within a mile or so. The bike section was two loops of the race course. I went thought the first half of the first loop and gave up maybe one position. When we came out on main street I had five guys in my sights and was just trying to stay with them into the wind. It was hard. Then I noticed an official on the motorcycle flagging down one of dudes in front of me. I thought for sure he must have committed some ungodly foul. Then they turned around. I realized that we must have gone off course. That sucked because we were a long ways off course.

Well I think I passed four of those five guys. We were all pissed of course but those guys just kinda threw in the towel. While pissed off, I just kept hammering and did my second loop and then headed for the pool.

I kicked off my shoes, socks and helmet in transition and grabbed my goggles and headed for he pool. On my way I ripped off my top and my watch and chunked them on the deck by the first lane. The official told me to drop in then go under the rope and start in the second lane. Right! So I jumped in and two bad things happened. 1 - My goggles were in my hand and 2 - it was 8 feet deep. Sheesh. So I had to grab the wall, then get on my goggles, before I could go.

Like I said the swim was a mess. It was supposed to be one length in the first and last lanes and two lengths in all the middle lanes for 400 meters total. I swam my ass off dodging folks left and right, passing a couple of folks and when I got the end of the next to last lane, I was on the wrong side of the pool. Hmmm. So I did three lengths in that lane, then made my way to the last lane and climbed out. I was 8:29 in the pool for 400 meters. (Today I swam 400 meters in 6:25). Which makes me believe that somehow I swam an extra 50 somewhere along the way in all of the confusion and lack of oxygen and everything. Its a freaking miracle I did not get disqualified.

My bike computer had my ride at 16.5 miles and a 19.9 pace (and 97 ave CAD)! The race was 15 miles and my posted velocity was 17.0. 19.9 MPH would have put my ride at 45 minutes rather than the 52 it took me. So I left up to 7 minutes on the race course due to the wrong turn. Even with the crappy swim, the 7 minutes from bike would have moved me up from 31st overall to 9th place. Another two minutes on the swim would have put me in fifth place!

Overall my conditioning is very good. My cerebral horsepower, however, was lacking.

I did finish second in my age group. Which is my best finish in a Tri yet.

Allen Run-Bi-Tri
Allen Run-Bi-Tri
Allen Run-Bi-Tri

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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Feb 18
Wow. What a week. It was really cold and windy all week in Dallas. In spite of that I started hill workouts with Robert Vaughan. Vicky was missing in action at the pool, which was good - Bob and I did more aerobic stuff working on form and pace which was really nice. Wednesday, I felt like crap and did not want to run outside or at all. I went to the gym and put on my Tri-shorts and figured I do the DreadMill as long as I could stand it, then switch to the bike. Instead ESPN was running Mohammad Ali's 12 best rounds which immediately inspired me. I hammered 60 minutes on the mill and it felt great. Thursday I swam with Bob again. When the kids soccer practices were canceled due to cold and wind, I went out to do the hill - a rare double for me! Friday I ran at the Rockwall YMCA which is where we did the TriRock. Logan's team was practicing there. It was freezing cold. Saturday I did spin class with Bikin Mike. This time he just played Abbey Road front to back and killed us with that. You know the end to "I want you (she's so heavy)" - where it just goes on and on? Well I had the freaking bike in the highest gear and Mike just kept upping the cadence 50, 60, 70...And ya know that song just keeps on going FOREVER! Sheesh! I'll never be able to listen to Abbey Road the same way again. Unreal.

All in all a nice week. Next week should be crazy due to harder hills and Victoria back to killing me in the pool.

Monday - Flagpole Hill - 3 hills plus 2x:30, 1x:60, 12x:08 - 8 miles
Tuesday -
500wu, 500,400,300,200,100, 4x50 stroke, 4x50 drill,100, 100 - 2600
Wednesday - 60 minutes DreadMill - 7.7 miles
Thursday Noon -
500, 5x(300 - 100pace, 100 fast, 100 pace), 8x50 stroke drills, 4x(50 - 25 sprint, 25 form), 100 - 2700
Thursday PM - Flagpole Hill - 3 hills plus 2x:30, 1x:60, 12x:08 - 8 miles
Friday - 45 minutes easy distance, plus 6x100 strides - 7.25 miles
Saturday - 60 minutes Spin Class with Bikin Mike.- 15 miles.
Sunday - 40 minutes easy distance plus 6x150 - 6.2 miles

Run - 37.2 miles
Bike - 15 miles
Swim - 5300 Meters


Tuesday, February 13, 2007
BMC 3rd Quarter Remarks
Bob Beauchamp, our CEO, called out the product my team has been working on in the companies 3rd Quarter Remarks.

While we’re pleased with our technology leadership, the improvements we continue to make in our go-to-market strategy are equally important to our performance. These include the transformation of our own sales force, but more broadly it also encompasses the partnerships and alliances we’ve formed with leading systems integrators and other vendors.

Our relationship with Webex is a case in point. It aligns us with a leading provider of on-demand or software as a service applications. It brings us a new sales partner for our Service Desk Express offering that’s highly experienced at selling into the small business segment. This is a new market focus for us.
Go Team!

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Monday, February 12, 2007
Please Understand My Business
It happened again.

This time Sajan approached me about using their software localization services. They sent me three pieces of collateral. Two were localization case studies, both of them were focused on marketing materials for companies outside the software arena. I build software products. I don't care about marketing localization nor do I care about case studies for companies that make widgets. If you want to sell me something please take a moment to understand my business. Sheesh.

The third piece of collateral that they sent me was about their content management system. The email said in part:

GCMS is web based, works in any environment; and has no installation requirements or capital expenditures - we provide GCMS to our clients as a free value add.

Of course that brought me right back to Lionbridge and the freeway thing. If I am going to use a system to manage my localization content, I don't want to be locked into one translation partner. Double Sheesh.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Logan on a roll
Tonight Logan had her final indoor game of the winter season. She continued from where she left off yesterday. A few minutes into the start of the game she drove the ball down the left side, then she crossed the ball over to Sydney who was covering the right side. Sydney then passed it to the other Logan on our team who shot it in for the score. Rack up and assist for my Logan.

A few minutes later, Logan received the ball about eight feet in front of their keeper. She then chipped it right over the keepers head and into the goal.

So she now has a two game scoring streak working!

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Workout Notes Week Ending Feb 11
Monday - Circuits Northwood hills with Karl and Terry - 5.5 miles
Tuesday - 500 - 3x300 (4:45, 4:45, 4:50), 3x200 (3x3:15) 3x100, 50, 4x50 stroke, 100 - 2650. This is the workout that killed Bob.
Wednesday - Circuits Solo from Lifetime Dallas - 5.5 miles
Thursday - 550WU 3x(5x100 Set 1: 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40, Set 2&3: 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40, 1:35) 50, 4x50 stroke, 100 - kick, 2x50 stroke drill, 100 - 2600
Friday - 7.6 mile run, 60 minutes
Saturday - 10.9 mile run, 90 minutes
Sunday - 30 mile (2 hours) Freezing Cold Ride Solo

Run - 29.5 miles
Bike - 30 miles
Swim - 5250 Meters


Catamounts bite the Great Danes
Today Vermont knocked off Albany at Albany to take control of the America East Regular season title. This was UVM's 7 win in a row and 9th road win in a row. Win 19 wins in the bag, it looks probable that Vermont will have another 20 win season.

Next - avenge the Cats only America East loss - at the Black Bears of Maine.

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Recovery Milestones
I have continued to work on my running. I have three weeks of plyometric circuits in the bag and I plan to attack the hill on Monday!

Friday I had planned to run my 60 minute run a bit faster. That meant a longer course as well. So I hammered this course in 60 minutes. I am still not quite to 7:30 sustained pace, but it was a nice strong run. It felt great. Here is the HR Profile:

Run Feb 09 07

That run set the stage for a long run on Saturday. I had spent the morning on the soccer fields. When I got home I dressed up for my run only to be stopped by some lower GI problems - requiring several long pit stops before heading out the door. I made it about a mile and half when my stomach started acting up. After a brief pause I was able to make it to the 3.0 mile mark, where I took respite in the local Starbucks. After a pit stop at the coffee shop I was good to go (although probably dehydrated at that point.)

My goal was to run 90 minutes, something I had not done since April 23, 2005! I persevered and was ran this 10.9 route in exactly 90 minutes. One nice thing about this route, is that I can run most (90% or more) of it on grass. Two years ago I could knock out 12 plus in 90 minutes. Still its been almost two years, and to have worked my way back to 90 minutes, I am ecstatic. Here is the HR profile:

Run Feb 10 07

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
Well the stupid Google-Blogger police finally forced me to upgrade to the new Blogger platform. They figured out that I was not going willingly, so they strong-armed me into submission. Now that I'm here, I can say it seems to be better!

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Results of the Hughes - Bily Showdown
It was a cold morning in the Big D today. The first match of the showdown was scheduled for 8:00am. I told Logan that if she warmed up really well, she would be able to dribbled the ball through everyone and score. It didn't quite happen like that but about 10 minutes into the game Logan was sitting on the left side of the field when Megan passed the ball to her. Tony's keeper had come to the top of the box leaving the goal wide open. Logan scored from at least 20 yards away. It was sweet. The half ended with us up 1-0 on Logan's goal. Then Steve put Logan in as Keeper for the second half. Logan's team popped in an insurance goal to go up 2-0. But Logan gave up 3 unanswered goals and we lost a heartbreaker 2-3.

Marissa's game against Tony was at 11:00 on the other side of town. Just before the game I saw Tony and he told me what a great goal Logan had scored. He was really impressed with her team. Marissa's team also opened with a goal about a minute into the game. And they two scored an insurance goal to go up 2-0. But they also started to weaken toward the end of the game. But they held on for a 2-1 win!


Friday, February 09, 2007
Look Out Tony Here Come the Hughes Girls
I just noticed an interesting coincidence in tomorrows soccer schedule. The soccer gods have scheduled Logan's and Marissa's teams against the same coach! Logan's team kicks off against Tony Bily's 98s at 0800. Then Marissa's team kicks off against Tony's 95s at 1100.

In the last meeting between Marissa's team and Tony's 95s, we racked up a 6-0 win.

Logan's team is a year younger than Tony's 98s. They played them last summer in indoor soccer and as I recall, in spite of being a year younger - they played them very closely.

It should be an interesting day!


Thursday, February 08, 2007
Down Eleven
as in pounds since Jan 3.

Bob is Dead
Originally this post was going to be titled "Victoria tries to kill Bob (for a change)". But it appears that she actually succeeded.

It all started with Tuesday's swim. Victoria announced that I would do 3x300, 3x200, 3x100. But Bob had to do 3x350, 3x250, 3x150 in the same interval time. The only twist was that I had to give Bob 10 seconds and Bob was supposed to catch me. Holy crap. Well I held Bob off for the first two 300's but Bob caught me right at the my last turn of my last 300.

Bob was dying a slow death. He cut one of his 250's short. Then Victoria allowed him to do a 125s instead of 150s on the last set. It was great though - I could talk and Bob could not. A first.

Then Bob emailed me before today's effort. He was sick. Couldn't make it. Victoria had killed him.


Sunday, February 04, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Feb 04
Monday - Circuits Northwood hills - 5.5 miles
Tuesday - 475WU 2x(300, 2x150, 3x100) 50, 4x50 Stroke, 75 - 2600
Wednesday - Circuits Northwood Hills - 5.5 miles
Thursday - 525 WU, 2x(4x200), 5o, 4x50 stroke, 8x25, 100 - 2675
Friday - 7.5 mile run, 60 minutes
Saturday - 8.5 mile run, 75 minutes
Sunday - 30 mile (2 hours) Freezing Cold Ride with Terry

Run - 27 miles
Bike - 30 miles
Swim - 5275 Meters


Thursday, February 01, 2007
January Workouts
January has been a big success. I had decided in December that I was going to run come hell or high water. I was actually able to ramp up my running alot faster than I thought. I had also decided early in the month that I was going to do 60 minutes of effort every day - something that I have done since Jan 9. And I've worked out every day since Jan 3. I've been eating better as well and as a result I've dropped 8 pounds.

January 1 -
January 2 -
January 3 - 30 minutes run - 3 miles.
January 4 - 2500m swim- 55 min.
January 5 - 30 min run - 3.3 miles; 30 min bike - 8.1 miles
January 6 - 55 miles bike with Terry and Jane - 55 miles
January 7 - 30 min run - 3.5 miles
January 8 - 45 min run - 5.5 miles
January 9 - 3000m swim.
January 10 - 60 min run 7.3 miles
January 11 - 1850m swim
January 12 - 60 min run 7.3 miles
January 13 - Spin Class - 15 miles
January 14 - 62 min run, 8.0 Miles
January 15 - 60 minutes Lifecycle - 20.6 miles.
January 16 - Victoria and Bob tried to kill me again - 2800 meters - 850 warmup 3x(300, 2x150) - 50 breast, 50 back, 50 free
January 17 - Ice Everywhere - 60 minutes on the Treadmill 7.1 miles
January 18 - More fun with Victoria and Bob - 2775 meters - 550 warmup, 6x200, 6x100, 6x50, 75 Warmdown - 2775
January 19 - 7.5 mile run in 60 minutes
January 20 - Bikin Mike - 30 miles, 2 hours.
January 21 - 8.6 mile run in 72 minutes
January 22 - Circuits SMU - 5 miles
January 23 - Swim: 550WU, 3x300, 3x200, 3x100, 3x50, 3x50 breast, 50 - 2700 Meters
January 24 - Circuits Hilcrest - 5 miles
January 25 - Swim: 150WU, 10x100 (2:00x2, 1:55x2, 1:50x2, 1:45x2 1:40x2), 400 - 6:40, 2x200 (3:13, 3:19) 4x50 stroke, 100 - 2250
January 26 - Run 60 min 7.5 miles
January 27 - Bike: 37.1 miles, Speed - 18.2 ave, 31 max; Cad - 85 ave, 120 Max
January 28 - Run 65 min, 8 miles
January 29 - Circuits Northwood hills - 5.5 miles
January 30 - 475WU 2x(300, 2x150, 3x100) 50, 4x50 Stroke, 75 - 2600
January 31 - Circuits Northwood Hills - 5.5 miles

Run - 102.4 Miles (Thats the most miles/mo since January of 06).
Swim - 20455 Meters (The most EVER swim meters/mo)
Bike - 157.7 Miles


She's going to kill you
He said it, not me. Of course this is exactly what I have been saying for weeks now.

Today when I got in the pool, I warmed up in lane one. Victoria was in lane three. After the warmup I asked the dude in lane two if we could swap so that I could swim with Vicky. He kindly obliged.

Today's beating was 2 sets of 4x200 in 3:30. So the first two were no problem. I just paced Victoria and we did two 3:10's. Then the shit hit the fan. 3:19 and then 3:25. It was then that I noticed that the dude from lane two was now sitting on the deck watching this debacle. That's when he said it. "She's going to kill you."

Finally someone who understands.

Anyway, I got clobbered on the last set. I did the first two in around 3:20 or so. Then it was 3:30, so I took 10 seconds extra rest. Then another 3:30. After that, we did 50 meters easy. Then 4x 50 Breast followed by 8x25 sprints.

Total for the day - 2675 with warmup and cooldown.


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