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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Bob is Dead
Originally this post was going to be titled "Victoria tries to kill Bob (for a change)". But it appears that she actually succeeded.

It all started with Tuesday's swim. Victoria announced that I would do 3x300, 3x200, 3x100. But Bob had to do 3x350, 3x250, 3x150 in the same interval time. The only twist was that I had to give Bob 10 seconds and Bob was supposed to catch me. Holy crap. Well I held Bob off for the first two 300's but Bob caught me right at the my last turn of my last 300.

Bob was dying a slow death. He cut one of his 250's short. Then Victoria allowed him to do a 125s instead of 150s on the last set. It was great though - I could talk and Bob could not. A first.

Then Bob emailed me before today's effort. He was sick. Couldn't make it. Victoria had killed him.


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