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Monday, February 12, 2007
Please Understand My Business
It happened again.

This time Sajan approached me about using their software localization services. They sent me three pieces of collateral. Two were localization case studies, both of them were focused on marketing materials for companies outside the software arena. I build software products. I don't care about marketing localization nor do I care about case studies for companies that make widgets. If you want to sell me something please take a moment to understand my business. Sheesh.

The third piece of collateral that they sent me was about their content management system. The email said in part:

GCMS is web based, works in any environment; and has no installation requirements or capital expenditures - we provide GCMS to our clients as a free value add.

Of course that brought me right back to Lionbridge and the freeway thing. If I am going to use a system to manage my localization content, I don't want to be locked into one translation partner. Double Sheesh.

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