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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Recovery Milestones
I have continued to work on my running. I have three weeks of plyometric circuits in the bag and I plan to attack the hill on Monday!

Friday I had planned to run my 60 minute run a bit faster. That meant a longer course as well. So I hammered this course in 60 minutes. I am still not quite to 7:30 sustained pace, but it was a nice strong run. It felt great. Here is the HR Profile:

Run Feb 09 07

That run set the stage for a long run on Saturday. I had spent the morning on the soccer fields. When I got home I dressed up for my run only to be stopped by some lower GI problems - requiring several long pit stops before heading out the door. I made it about a mile and half when my stomach started acting up. After a brief pause I was able to make it to the 3.0 mile mark, where I took respite in the local Starbucks. After a pit stop at the coffee shop I was good to go (although probably dehydrated at that point.)

My goal was to run 90 minutes, something I had not done since April 23, 2005! I persevered and was ran this 10.9 route in exactly 90 minutes. One nice thing about this route, is that I can run most (90% or more) of it on grass. Two years ago I could knock out 12 plus in 90 minutes. Still its been almost two years, and to have worked my way back to 90 minutes, I am ecstatic. Here is the HR profile:

Run Feb 10 07

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