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Thursday, February 01, 2007
She's going to kill you
He said it, not me. Of course this is exactly what I have been saying for weeks now.

Today when I got in the pool, I warmed up in lane one. Victoria was in lane three. After the warmup I asked the dude in lane two if we could swap so that I could swim with Vicky. He kindly obliged.

Today's beating was 2 sets of 4x200 in 3:30. So the first two were no problem. I just paced Victoria and we did two 3:10's. Then the shit hit the fan. 3:19 and then 3:25. It was then that I noticed that the dude from lane two was now sitting on the deck watching this debacle. That's when he said it. "She's going to kill you."

Finally someone who understands.

Anyway, I got clobbered on the last set. I did the first two in around 3:20 or so. Then it was 3:30, so I took 10 seconds extra rest. Then another 3:30. After that, we did 50 meters easy. Then 4x 50 Breast followed by 8x25 sprints.

Total for the day - 2675 with warmup and cooldown.


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