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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Feb 04
Monday - Circuits Northwood hills - 5.5 miles
Tuesday - 475WU 2x(300, 2x150, 3x100) 50, 4x50 Stroke, 75 - 2600
Wednesday - Circuits Northwood Hills - 5.5 miles
Thursday - 525 WU, 2x(4x200), 5o, 4x50 stroke, 8x25, 100 - 2675
Friday - 7.5 mile run, 60 minutes
Saturday - 8.5 mile run, 75 minutes
Sunday - 30 mile (2 hours) Freezing Cold Ride with Terry

Run - 27 miles
Bike - 30 miles
Swim - 5275 Meters


I enjoyed reading your weekly summary. I am down in Houston and typically run up at White Rock Lake when I'm in Dallas to see customers, so any other running venues you might recommend would be appreciated. Visit my blog and regular web site if you get a chance. Thanks, and continued good luck in your training.
Hey Robert -

Thanks for visiting and good luck at Austin. There are many other good running spots around Dallas. It just depends on where you are I suppose! Bachman Lake which is by Love Field is another good place to run. Its only 3 miles around the lake, however. Of course drop me a line when you are in town and maybe we can share the road!


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