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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending April 15
It was a stressful week. I have been winding down my current project at work. Meanwhile I have two offers for my next role at BMC. While it's good to have a choice, it's also tough to decide. Thursday night I started to feel like I had a cold coming on. I tried to take it easy friday on my eight mile loop - In fact I went out with the idea that I would run 30 minutes, but I think with the stress it just felt better to do the full eight miles. Saturday morning was cold as hell and windy too. I hooked up with the Richardson Bike Mart (RBM) 905 ride. I caught the group coming down Renner road. They were going 30 MPH with the wind to our backs. It was crazy. I was immediately dropped, but I caught up with them when they had to stop at the light at NorthStar. I hung with them until the big hill on Pleasant Valley. That left three in front and three who got dropped. Me and one dude then traded back and forth in an effort to catch the front three. Finally I got blown up in Wiley. I limped back home and thawed out. Today was much warmer and much less wind. Since I will be out in California this week - which means no swimming when I am out there, so I'll probably have to run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, since I usually run on Monday, I figured it was a lot of running next week so I should do a long bike ride today. As I type this, I am thinking that there is no reason that I can't swim tomorrow and break that up a bit. Which means I should have run to day. Oh well! Anyway, I chose to ride out to Farmersville and then along 380 to McKinney and back home. In the end it was around 53 miles. A variation on this ride. The wind was out the NW, and if I had been properly thinking I would have done the ride backwards - to McKinney first. But instead I suffered through the wind heading NE to Farmersville, the turned west and I was still going into the wind. I took an Accel Gel at Princeton and a few miles later my stomach was cramping bad. Wow - I'll never do that again. While I was limping down US 380 feeling sorry for myself, a mad Pit Bull Terrier charged out of a yard at me. I forgot my woes and started to hammer on the pedals. I looked down at my computer and I was going 25 MPH and the crazy hound was gaining on me! Sheesh! Luckily I outran him. I finally was able to make a pit stop in McKinney and that got me all fixed up for the rest of the ride home with the wind!

Monday Apr 9 - Intervals: 8x2:00 (2:00 rest); 9.0 miles

Tuesday Apr 10 - 450WU; 5x50 (on :60); 4x75 (:15 rest); 2x150; 2x300; 2x150; 4x75; 4x50 stroke; 100 - 2800

Wednesday Apr 11 - Intervals: 12x:70 with :90 rest - 9.5 miles

Thursday Apr 12 - 500WU, 3x(300, 2x150) Descend the the 150s. Second Set middle 50 at Pace or Stroke. 4x100 on 1:45 Descend. - 2700

Friday Apr 13 - 8 mile loop in 64:50

Saturday Apr 14 - 31.5 Miles Bike RBM East West Loop 1:49 ride time; 17.2 Ave Speed, 33.0 Max; 89 ave CAD, 121 Max.

Sunday Apr 15 - 54.4 Miles Bike Farmersville, McKinney Loop 3:11 ride time. 17.0 Ave Speed, 32.6 Max; 90 ave CAD, 127 Max.

Total for the week:
Run - 24.5 Miles
Bike - 85.9 Miles
Swim - 5500 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 57.8 Miles
Bike - 159.9 Miles
Swim - 11100 Meters


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