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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Family Day at the Track
Tuesday was an interesting day. I had planned to go to the track to run the mile in the All Comers Track Meet. Because it had been raining, none of the girls had soccer practice. So I had Fran drag them to the track, where I figured at a minimum they could run the 4x100 relay.

Indeed the girls turned up and I got them organized to the the 4x100. Don Lucas found a kid to run the anchor leg, since Fran has refused to conceive the fourth member of my relay team.

After the relay while I was warming up for the mile, Reagan spotted the high jump pit. Reagan and Logan both decided to try their luck at the high jump.

Then I ran the mile. BTW - this is a real mile on the track - not a cheesy 1600. Now this is the first pure running race (ie excluding Triathalon) that I had run in two years. TWO YEARS! Coach Vaughan had predicted a sub 5:05 mile. I Heated up in the group that was going to run between 5:00 and 5:15. Also in my group was my man James. James is at least 10 years younger than me. And he has more natural talent. So I figured one option was to have him pull me through. In the first lap we were pretty boxed in, I ran 77.27, slower than I had hoped, but not bad, because I was really relaxed and with crowd there was not much I could do. Lap two came in 2:34.06 (76:89) - still boxed in but faster. James had pushed to the front in Lap two and as we came through 800 most of the girls dropped. I think there was one guy that moved in front of James at 900 meters and there was one girl that I moved in front of at 1000 meters. I pressed a lot harder on the third lap and came through in 3:50.89 (76:83). James and the other guy opened up on me in the last lap. With 70 meters to go one of the young girls passed me. I brought it home in 5:08.50 (77.61). Not a bad effort really and I wound up second masters.

Next up was the 100 meter dash, and all the kids wanted a piece of that action. Reagan ran the first heat in 20.3. Logan ran the second heat in 19.6. I did not get Marissa's time on the third race.

The next event was the 400 meter dash and all of the kids wanted to run the 400. Logan and Reagan ran in the first heat. Logan ran 1:41.7. Reagan ran 2:02 flat. Marissa ran in the second heat. She recorded 81.1.

The next event was the 800 meter dash. Now in the most gutsy move of the night, Reagan, my 7 year old and the youngest and most feisty of the crew, decided that she would run the 800. Marissa and Logan both went out hard in the quarter and were hurting at the end. Both sensibly decided to call it a night at that point. Not Reagan. But, after 250 meters she looked at me started to choke back the tears. "Daddy, can I stop?" I picked her up and gave her a big hug. What a nut.

Everyone had fun and it was a great night to run. Hopefully we can do it again!

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