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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Logan Soccer Update
It was back to the soccer field today for more 3v3 action. In bracket play Logan's team had a 2 wins a loss and a draw. The team that they tied had lost to the same team we lost to, and beat one of the other two teams we had beat. But their fourth game was this morning. Assuming that they won that game we would be tied in the bracket for second place. This is important since the top two teams advance in the winners bracket, where there are four spots available to go to the regionals. In the losers bracket there is only one more spot available for regionals. Also, the winners bracket is double elimination, while the losers bracket is single elimination.

It turns out that the we did finished tied, but the other team had a better goal differential so they advanced to the winners bracket and we had to contend in the losers bracket.

On our way to the field this morning Logan was real mopey and had been complaining of a headache. Well that should have been a clue, because about half way there, she threw up all over herself.

I believe that she had a migraine and after throwing up, she seemed to be feeling better. I changed her shirt and we proceeded to the game to see what would happen next.

At the field we washed her shorts and she continued to report feeling better. I got her to the game just as it started. Logan sat for the first five minutes or so, then Coach Steven sent her on. There was no score at that point and sure enough, Logan immediately put one in the goal and then a minute later she added an insurance goal. This was within 75 minutes of her throwing up in the car. Those were the only two goals of that game - basically, Logan 2 - Blast 0.

The next game was against her old Superblue team. The girls battled hard, but lost 4-5.

In the end they played six games this weekend winning four, losing two and tying one. Logan had six goals of 24 scored by her team and one assist. Two of her goals were game winning goals and one was the goal that tied the tie game. Not a bad piece of work!


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