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Monday, May 28, 2007
Saturday I did a nest check on the Martins. The the ASY (Adult - means "after second year") pairs were all doing great. But the SY (Sub-adult) pair had two eggs down from four. That meant that a sparrow had likely invaded the nest.

I got out the gun, and nailed a female. I think it was a female. I was aiming at a male, but he fell in my neighbors yard. I think my neighbor picked it up. He may not be too happy with me. But anyway, I could not identify the bird. That said, the male, the one that killed the eggs, sat on the house for two days trying to attract a new female - which is why I think it must have been the original female that I killed. Drats. Sunday, I bagged a male, but not the male.

Today I notice more Martin eggs on the rocks under the house. So I did another nest check and that Sparrow got the rest of the subbies eggs. This is war.

The good news is that one of the adult pair hatched two babies! :-)

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