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Saturday, May 19, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending May 13
Whereas last week I was feeling sluggish on a number of fronts, this week felt much better. I had a really nice set of 400's at SMU on Wednesday night. The track work is starting to feel like old times! Also like last week, one of the kids had a soccer tournament on Saturday. This time is was Marissa and her team was playing south of Ft. Worth in Benbrook. Thank god for google maps, I was able to identify several HS tracks nearby and then using the Satellite view I was able to rule out two dirt tracks, and opted for the Crowley HS track. Sadly the resolution on Google is not high enough to show that their wonderful track was padlocked closed. So instead of track work, I did a really nice run through the country back there. The first track meet was the following Tuesday, but Marissa had a choir concert so missing the track workout was no biggy.

We had left the house for Marissa's Tournament at 0700, and we got back at 2230. That left me pretty tuckered out for Sunday. I did my 30 mile bike loop easy as a result. In April I was really getting some good bike work in. But so far in May it has not been the case. OTOH my running is going well, but my left knee is not happy as a result of that!

Monday May 7 - 8x2:00 (2:00) - 9.0 miles

Tuesday May 8 - 500WU, 4x250 as 100 free, 50 kick, 100 free on 4:00-4:15, 4x150 on 2:30, 4x100 free on 1:45 (fast!), easy 50, then 4x50 stroke on 1:15 - 2750

Wednesday May 9 - Track SMU 6x400 - 76.1; 37.9, 75.1 (37.2); 37.1, 74.1 (37.0); 36.8, 73.3 (36.5); 36.7, 72.4 (35.7), 36.8, 72.7(35.9) - 7.75

Thursday May 10 -
450WU, 3x300 (:30), 3x200 (:30), 3x100 (:10), 3x50 in :60, 3x50 Breast in :75, 50 - 2600

Friday May 11 - 8 Mile run. 63:16

Saturday May 12 - 7.5 Mile run, Crowely HS, 60 min.

Sunday May 13 - 30.8 miles bike - Fairview Loop - Speed 16.6 ave, 29.3 max; CAD 88 ave, 109 Max; Ride time 1:51.24

Total for the week:
Run - 32.25 Miles
Bike - 30.8 Miles
Swim - 5250 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 52.75 Miles
Bike - 56.3 Miles
Swim - 10850 Meters


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