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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending May 20
The week got off to a slow start on two fronts. First the original plan was to run the track meet on Tuesday. Instead Marissa had a choir concert. So I did my usual swim with the swim maniacs instead. However, Coach Victoria had an emergency C Section the previous week and young Charlie (25 weeks) was struggling in the NICU. So Mary cooked up the workout. And my new team in France had me on the phone so I missed the warmup. Sheesh! Wednesday I called Coach Vaughan and he assigned me the ubiquitous 16x:30 intervals for Wednesday. That was probably a good thing, as I had been feeling stressed and you simply cant hurt oneself with the old 16x30. Thursday it was only me and Bob at the pool. We collaborated for a nice workout. Friday I nailed my eight miler in my quickest time in a couple of weeks. And that brings me to the weekend.

Saturday morning Logan had four soccer games. After bringing her home I still needed to head to the track for my 2x600 workout. I decided that I would ride my bike to the track. So put my spikes in a shoe bag and slung that on my back and headed to the Naaman Forest track. After a short but perilous ride there, I found a construction crew putting down a new surface! Drats - just as with last week, the track gods were conspiring against me. Not to be confounded I rode another 10 miles to Williams High School and indeed found a track on which I could run! My 600s were both faster than the pair I did two years ago in May.

And since Logan had more soccer on Sunday morning. My plan was sneak in a longer ride at O-Dark-Thirty Sunday morning. In an excellent twist of fate Tim and Mike both agreed to meet me at my house at 6:00am, in exchange for a new 40 mile route. We both held up our end of the agreement, with me taking them on a variation of this ride.

Monday May 14 - 12x:70 (:90) - 8.5 miles

Tuesday May 15 - 2x(250, 5x50 on :60, 250, 5x50 kick25, swim25, alternating on :75) - 2000

Wednesday May 16 - 16x:30(:45) - 7.75 miles

Thursday May 17 -
500WU, 4x200 (200 hard, 150hard, 100 Hard, 50 Hard) on 3:45, 4x200 (150 easy, 100 easy, 50 easy, 200 hard) on 3:45, 4x 50 on :60, 4x50 Stroke on :75, 100 easy - 2600

Friday May 18 - 8 Mile run. 61:38

Saturday May 19 - 20 miles bike, 4.5 miles run. 2x600 -
34.7, 70.0 (35.3), 1:45.4 (35.4); 36.2, 71.8 (35.6), 1:46.3 (34.5)

Sunday May 20 - 40.1 mies bike, 18.4 ave speed, 31.1 max; 90 ave CAD, 109 max; 2:10 ride time.

Total for the week:
Run - 28.75 Miles
Bike - 60.1 Miles
Swim - 4600 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 81.5 Miles
Bike - 116.4 Miles
Swim - 15450 Meters

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