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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Second Annual StoopidR than Hell 100
StoopidR than Hell 100Last year on July 2, Terry and I decided that we should ride up to Sherman Texas and back. Terry was of the opinion that we could knock out a 100 miler with such a route. That trip was such a success that we decided to try it again this year.

We needed a few more yahoo's to join us for the event. As such we came up a name for the event - "The StoopidR than Hell 100". I told everyone I knew about it. Finally, Mike and Tim and Dave DeSosa agreed to join us - a 150% increase in participation!

New Tires

For me the excitement began on Friday night. It was Fran's Birthday and she was with Logan in Rockwall at a soccer scrimage until 7:30. I had picked up Reagan from Gymnastics, and we met them in Rockwall for Dinner. We did not get home until around 9:30 that night. I had told Fran that my Gatorskin tires had some holes in the sidewall. She had bought a new pair so when I got home I proceeded to change out the tires. Bad idea.

In the process of changing the tires, I blew four innertubes out of the two that were on the bike and the three spares I had. I blew up several more that I tried to patch. At midnight, I went to bed pissed off and without a ride.

Note to Self - Patching innertubes is not worth the trouble.

O Dark Thirty

After four hours of sleep I got up and had some coffee, and a couple of bowls of oatmeal. I got all of my gear together. I had instructed Mike to get to my house early enough that we could leave at 0505. We had plans to meet Terry, Dave and Tim about ten minutes down the road. I figured that meant that Mike should be at my place at around 0445. When he did not show, I started to load the bike into the truck as I was going to drive to the rendezvous hoping to bum a good tube for the ride. At 0455 Mike pulled in.

Mike gave me a tube and we got that sucker mounted and pumped and we both wheeled out at 0515 - ten minutes late. Luckily Terry, Dave and Tim where still waiting for us when we got to the rendezvous.


All went well for the first 45 minutes. Once we got on highway 5, Mike decided to kick up the pace. He went rocketing ahead while Tim and I were yakking away well behind him. It was still pretty dark and Dave and Terry were way behind us. Tim told me that he was going to ride ahead and tell Mike to slow down. Good idea.

Except that it was the last time I would see either of those two turkeys until the end of the ride.

I rode about a half mile solo, then I made a couple of quarter mile circles, while waiting for Dave and Terry. Then it became obvious that there was a problem, so I rode back. Not too far back I finally found them. Dave had flatted out. But he was in good shape now. We rode for another several miles to McKinney all the while expecting to see Tim and Mike.

Later that day Mike told me that 1) Tim never told him to slow down and in fact the two of them put down the hammer; and 2) that once they got to Highway 380 in McKinney they took a left hand turn and headed to US 75. Then they rode north on 75; jumped some barriers; crossed a high water crossing and then eventually made their way back to Highway 5.

It's a complete mystery to me why Tim decided that this was the correct route. Of course, its a complete mystery to me why those two would ride out of sight of the rest of the group when they did not know the full route details.

Anyway, it appears that by the time Tim and Mike got back to Highway 5, we had gotten well in front of them. We thought that they had either gone off course or that they were in front of us.

At any rate, we made great time to Sherman, taking one stop in Van Alstine along the way. Once we hit 50 miles, we tagged up and headed back.

Meanwhile Tim had set an alarm for 0730 and when that sucker went off he turned around. Mike kept going until he got past Van Alstein. Thinking that he was ahead of us he turned around and stopped next to the place that we had already stopped at. He waited for twenty minutes there then called it a day and headed back to Richardson. Amazed that he did not see our group, Mike assumed we got lost. Now given that it was our ride, I am not sure how we could get lost!

Psychedelic Pop Tarts

We got to Anna before we took our second stop. Terry asked me if I would like to split a pack of pop-tarts with him. I love pop tarts so naturally I took him up on the offer. I was shocked when he presented me with this thing that had weird psychedelic frosting with sparkling sprinkles. It turns out that this was a Blueberry Pop Tart. Usually I settle for the generic Brown Sugar Variety.

A few miles down the road, I was in Gastric Distress. That Pop Tart had exploded in my lower GI. I did my best to keep up with Terry and Dave, but it was not pretty and I was slowing down the team. Finally when we got back to Highway 380 in McKinney, I found a rest room, which offered some relief. I also downed a can of Coke as well. Feeling better we set out on the last quarter of the ride.

Almost Home

When we finally got to the Rendezvous point, Dave had 47 miles on his odometer, which he had set at the turnaround. I had about 96 miles. Dave decided that he did not need to do another six or so to get to the Century and so he bailed. Terry headed home to the west. I needed to add a few extra neighborhood miles to get to 100. I guess that the difference was the extra bit that I rode waiting for Terry and Dave. When I pulled up to the Front of the house, my Odometer clicked 100.

The front door was closed and Fran had taken the kids to soccer practice. I left my bike on the porch and walked around to the back yard. It was there that I found Mike, who relayed the whole story of their adventure over a couple of beers.

Given that it has rained non stop for the last two weeks it was miraculous that we were able to complete the ride with out getting rained on.

Ride Time 5:51
Distance 100.0
Speed Ave:17.0
CAD Ave:84

Update July 8 - Re-factored some of Tim and Mike's Story.

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Sixty One Sixty Five
As in one lap around the track.

The plan for Tuesday was to run "62 and change" in the 400. Except for the one small detail that the Good Lord unleashed a torrential downpour at the appointed hour of a magnitude which would make Noah himself proud.

The track meet was postponed until Thursday.

The plan for Thursday was to run "62 and change" in the 400. (Why would the plan change?) The Good Lord was apparently still not satisfied with the ungodly amount of rain that has been dumped here this spring. The skies were threatening, but at the appointed hour, it was not enough to stop the track meet.

After some discussion Don Lucas decided that he would run a heat of Masters and then an open heat in the 400. Rick Easley was doing the 400, as was McGehee. While I can take Easley in anything greater than 400, I have never taken him the quarter. But that said, I had a feeling that I could keep close enough to him to have him pull me through. Easley took lane 5, I grabbed four. In three was a guy who looked like a sprinter. I introduced myself. His name was Randy Wight. He was a wildcard, but looked fast!

Easley and Wight, and a few others were starting from blocks. I decided to do a standing start. When the gun went off, I rocked back. A horrible start! I quickly recovered through and started tracking Easley. Randy came zooming by me after the first turn. McGehee was out in Lane 7 and I went by him shortly thereafter. I turned it on for the back stretch and pretty much kept pace with both Easley and Wight. I kept pressing and concentrated on form in the last turn. I still had some gas left for the home stretch and started to reel in Randy. And I would have gotten him if the race was a few meters longer!

I came through in 61:65 a full second faster than what Coach Vaughan projected from my previous time trials. And this is the first track event that I exceeded Coach's projections!

This was the last of the All Comers track meets. In three weeks is the Texas Masters Championships. I'll run the 1500 there to close out the track season.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending June 24
Sunday night I noticed that my left ear was a bit sore when I went to bed. At 2:30 am I got up and took and Advil and a Mucinex. That helped until mid day Monday. By Wednesday the ear was out of control sore: swimmers ear. Dr. Becker prescribed some antibiotic/steroid drops. Also Wednesday, I slogged through my eight mile course at noon. It was 90 degrees and 100% RH. That killed me. Between the ear infection and killer workouts its surprising that I made it through the week. Thursday I decided not to swim, so I stayed indoors and rode the lifecycle. By Friday afternoon, I was feeling much better, so I swam after work. Saturday I went to the track to do the prep work for next Tuesday's 400. That went well; Coach Vaughan predicts a 62 and change for the 400 meters. And today I rode 60 miles solo down and around White Rock Lake.

Monday June 18 - Swim with Bob - 250 WU; 450 (1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 1:50); 450 (1:40; 1:50, 1:50, 1:48) 450 (1:35, 1:40, 1:40, 1:38) 100, 5x100 Descend (1:36, 1:31, 1:28, 1:26, 1:24) 300 - 2500

Tuesday June 19 - Lukes #5 800 Meters - 5.25 miles

Wednesday June 20 - Eight Mile Run, 63 minutes. Almost died.

Thursday June 21 - Lifecycle - 60 minutes - 20 miles.

Friday June 22 - 500WU, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 5x100 Descend on 2:00; 250WD - 2750

Saturday June 23 - SMU Track 500 - 16.1, 31.5 (15.4), 47.7 (16.2), 64.1 (16.4), 70.6 (16.5)
- 320 - 15.5, 30.6(15.1), 46.1 (15.5), ??
- 6.25 miles total.

Sunday June 24 - 61 miles Bike - White Rock Lake Loop. HR Ave 134, Max 157 Speed - 17.5 ave, 27.0 Max CAD - 91 ave, 112 Max 3:25 Ride Time

Total for the week:
Run - 19.5 Miles
Bike - 81.1 Miles
Swim - 5250 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 99 Miles
Bike - 256.4 Miles
Swim - 10350 Meters


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Workout Notes Week Ending June 17
This week got off to a tough start. It was hard to get back into the usual routine after my week in France. In spite of that, I raced the mile on Tuesday and the 800 on Saturday! I was actually feeling pretty good by Wednesday, when I knocked out the eight miler in just over an hour. Thursday's session in the pool was pretty good as well. This was a Mary workout - meaning shorter intervals and faster pace compared to Victoria's workouts. Sunday it rained and rained, so by the time 3pm rolled around I figured that there would be no way I was going to get the bike on the road. Instead I headed to the gym and did a pretty hard hour on the lifecycle while watching the final holes of the US Open.

Monday June 11 - Swim - 250WU - 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 500 - 2250

Tuesday June 12 - The Mile. 5.75 Miles.

Wednesday June 13 - Eight Mile Run from Lifetime.

Thursday June 14 - Swim - 2x(2x150, 100, 4x75 (25kick, 50 free)), 3x150, 4x75 (25kick, 50 free), 4x50 (15 hard, 35 form), 500 - 2850

Friday June 15 - Intervals 6x70 (90 rest) - 7 miles

Saturday June 17 - 33 miles Bike (1:55); 800 Meters - 5.25 Miles

Sunday June 18 - 22 miles 60 minutes; Lifecycle.

Total for the week:
Run - 28 Miles
Bike - 55 Miles
Swim - 5100 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 79.5 Miles
Bike - 175.3 Miles
Swim - 5100 Meters


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Saturday, June 23, 2007
A couple of 800s
After running a pair of miles, Coach Vaughan had me drop down to the 800 meters. The first one was last Saturday, at the USATF Southwestern Association Open and Masters Track and Field Championships. In order to properly prepare for the event, Terry suggested a short bike ride early on the morning of the event. Terry was heading to Tulsa, and wanted to ride short and early. That sounded good to me, so we hooked up at O-Dark-Thirty for a 33 miler. At the end of this ride, I dropped Terry off in his neighborhood and headed back home. About a mile from my house it started to rain like there was no tomorrow. Uh-Oh! I checked the radar when I got home, and it looked like most of the bad weather would pass to the east. Plus I knew that the nut jobs that run the meet would not cancel the event for something as minor as torrential downpours!

It was still raining, not hard, when I got to Mesquite. I checked in and waited for them to get the hurdles organized. That was my queue to start warming up (like 33 miles on the bike was not enough)! All the while I was on the lookout for 800 masters runners. Its pretty easy to pick out the middle distance idiots from the sprinters and the throwers. In short the middle distance runners are all spindley dudes with running shorts rather than sprinters shorts. I spied a couple of them and introduced myself. First off there was Greg. He informed me that he had been training 3 weeks. I told him that training was overrated. The second dude, Matt, was more serious and had recently run a 2:14 at the Lukes meets where I had been doing my Miles. I had figured on a good day I could do a 2:20. So it would be Mike, Chris, Greg. Hopefully.

We lined up and and it was only the three of us. The gun went off and just like the plan it was Mike, Chris, Greg. I knew right away that Mike was pulling too hard, but I tried not to let him get too far ahead. For the first 300 meters I could hear Greg right behind me - not bad for 3 weeks training! I came through in 67 and tried to give it some more juice. On the back stretch, Mike was pulling away, and I could feel that my legs were dead from the bike. In spite of that I kept pushing as best as I could and I came in at 2:20. That was good for first place in my age group (Mike was in the next younger group, and Greg was second in my division).

Fast Forward to Tuesday. Lukes All Comers #5.

My guess is that it was in the low 60s when we ran on Saturday. Tuesday night was 195% relative humidity and temps in the low 90s. 30 degress hotter. Man! Unlike Saturday we ran in the fourth of five heats. My buddy Mike was there, and also my training buddy Karl. Another master's regular, Rick Easley was there and this local girl named Melisa - who had kicked my ass in the last mile. Unlike Saturday we got to line up in a half stagger. I took lane 1, and Mike took lane two. He asked me what I was going to do and I told him that my plan was to run faster! The starter had us take our mark, and then I jumped. The starter saw me jump, and I reset. Meanwhile Terry was jabbering about my "foul" in the background. Finally the gun went off, and so did we.

At the break Karl, Mike, Melisa and Easley were all in front of me. Karl had not run anywhere close to the times I had been putting up this spring, so I picked him off first. Then Easley, Melissa and I formed a pack in the second turn. I tried to get by them on the stretch but to no avail. Coming off of the third turn I felt pretty strong and Rick and I dumped Melissa and then I got on Easley's shoulder and I was damn determined to pass him before the last turn. He and I both knew he could not hang. Just before the 600 mark he pushed and then jumped off the track! I had no one ahead, but Melisa was right behind me. I gave it everything I had. I had to avenge my loss in the mile to her. I came round the last turn and kept pushing. It worked; I held her off and came in at 2:21.

Coach Vaughan had my splits at 70.09 and 71.34. And he told me that was a good effort. Since Coach Vaughan never compliments anyone - I was ecstatic!

Next week: The 400 meters!

Update June 30 - Added links to the USATF Results and Lukes Results.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Lukes All Comers Meet #4
Tonight I ran the mile, just like two weeks ago. There were a couple of fundamental differences however. First, this meet was at Greenhill instead of Jesuit. The Greenhill track was pristine. But it was the also the first time that I had run on it. It was 90 degrees, which was at least 10 degrees warmer than the last event. And of course, I spent all week in France, where I did no speed work at all.

Results: 77.59, 2:36.35 (78.81), 3:54.72 (78.38), 5:13.23 (78.51).

I ran a better tactical race. I got out in third position after the first 100. And I basically stayed in third position through the until about 200 to go, and kid came zooming by me. I hung with the leaders until the last lap - but I did not have any turnover. Coach Vaughan said that was the problem and he attributed that to my trip. I should note for the record that the French food resulted in a gain of 2 pounds.


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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending June 10
I spent most of the week in Aix-En-Provence France. I did my best to run every day. This meant getting up pretty early and logging miles on unfamiliar roads. Running every day really inflames my knee. So by Thursday it was hurting pretty bad. Thursday night I was out late in Marseilles, so I did not run Friday morning. But I did manage to get back to the hotel for an evening run - which felt great. Saturday was a travel day. Up at 4:00am to get a 6:30am flight to London, then the connection to Dallas. 20 hours travel. Unlike the way out there I did not have the energy to run when I got home. However this morning I did manage to do 60 miles on the bike, which felt great!

Monday June 4 - 60 min run - 7.5 miles

Tuesday June 5 - 60 min run - 7.5 miles

Wednesday June 6 - 60 min run - 7.5 miles

Thursday June 7 - 40 min run - 5 miles

Friday June 8 - 60 min run - 8 miles

Saturday June 9 - Travel

Sunday June 10 - 60.1 Mile ride with Terry (17.9 MPH ave) 3:20.

Total for the week:
Run - 35.5 Miles
Bike - 60.1 Miles
Swim - 0 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 51.5 Miles
Bike - 120.3 Miles
Swim - 0 Meters

Workout Notes Week Ending June 3
This was a strange week. First I decided that I would run my first track meet in two years. Because the meet was on Tuesday, I figured I'd swim on Monday instead of meeting the regular swim maniacs on Tuesday. On Thursday, my VP turned up and held me a buncha meetings until well past the time when the swimmers assemble so I missed the group again but I still did my swim. Friday I did intervals - which usually would have been a Saturday thing. But Saturday I wanted to do a long Bike since I was getting on a Red-Eye to London that day. There is nothing better than a hard early morning workout to help one sleep on the plane. And in an amazing feat, after I finally got to Marseille in 20 hours of travel - I managed to get out and run 60 minutes!

Monday May 28 - 500 - 3x300, 3x200, 3x100, 50, 4x50 stroke, 100 - 2650

Tuesday May 29 - The Mile 5:08. 5.75 miles.

Wednesday May 30 - 8 miles, 62:25

Thursday May 31 - 350 WU 4x(5X100 - on 2:05, 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45), 200 pull, 100 kick, 200 pull, 5x50 on :60, 100 easy - 3200

Friday June 1 - Intervals - 20x:30 (:60 rest) - 8.5 miles

Saturday June 2 - 60.2 Miles Bike Time: 3:24.

Sunday June 3 - 60 min run - Aix-En-Provence France - 7.5 Miles.

Total for the week:
Run - 28.25 Miles
Bike - 60.2 Miles
Swim - 5850 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 16 Miles
Bike - 60.2 Miles
Swim - 0 Meters

Saturday, June 02, 2007
When a plan comes together
I suppose that one needs to have a plan before said plan can "come together". Sometimes that's not true, however.

My usual plan for Saturdays has recently been to run, usually on the track, in the morning rather than ride. But because I am heading to France this afternoon, I thought it would be better to ride rather than run. I chose this approach for two reason. First, I believe that I will be running most of the next week, since its unlikely that I will have access to a bike or a pool. Second, because I am on a red-eye flight, I like to get up early in the morning and really hammer a good workout on the day I fly. I figured a nice long bike ride could probably do more in that department compared to a track workout.

Terry told me that he wanted to do our 30 mile loop at 0530. I liked the time, but wanted to go longer. Terry was not up for a longer ride, so I told him: "OK NP". I figured it would be pretty easy to tack on some more mileage after he peeled off.

Terry and I have a routine. He leaves his house at the appointed hour and will arrive at my house about 15 minutes later. Usually I'll ride out toward his place and we hook up in the middle. I set out at 0545 and was surprised Terry was not out front. I headed down the road and kept going and going and finally after 10 minutes, I thought, heck I must have passed him going the other way. Its a six lane road with a wide median and there is one section where the two directions are about 100 meters apart. So I turned around and high tailed back to the home stead. No Terry. So I headed back again, and then finally I see him coming the other way with another rider.

Terry was shocked and surprised and then I learned that he interpreted my simple "OK NP" as somehow I was going to do something else. So he had grabbed Greg from Bike Store which took him on a detour and explained his "lateness". Sheesh!

From there we nailed the 30 miler in what Terry suspected was record time. We were definitely hammering the ride. The ride returns us to a point between Terry's place and mine, and usually we each head our own direction. But since I was looking for more ride, I had a choice. It was too early for the 905 Bike Mart Ride. It was also a bit early to pick up the guys doing the 555 Bike Mart Ride. So I went with Terry and Greg. And as we headed toward Terry's place, I finally remembered that Mike and Tim started their ride at 0700 and headed to Bike Mart and then down Renner Road toward my house. If I was lucky they would be coming toward us and I could hook up with them. We got to Terry's turn off and I was just going to turn around and head back toward my house, when who comes along? Yup Mike and Tim!

I did the about face, and hooked on with them. We did the big loop out by Sachse and when we finally got back to my neighborhood, I had 60 miles and almost 3:25 of ride time. So I bid those guys fair well and called it a day.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Distance 60.2 miles
Speed: 17.7 ave; 33.6 max
Cad: 82 ave; 109 max
HR: 131 ave; 161 max
Ride Time: 3:24


May Workouts
Compared to April my running was up, biking was down and swimming up. I think that all of the rain we have been having has made it more difficult to log the Biking miles. Also, I have been focused more on getting ready for Track compared to biking. The only race in may was the 5:08 mile on the track. I am hoping to get in a couple more track meets, then I'll probably do a few sprint triathlons.

First Week of May
Run - 20.5 Miles
Bike - 25.5 Miles
Swim - 5600 Meters

Second Week of May
Run - 32.25 Miles
Bike - 30.8 Miles
Swim - 5250 Meters

Third Week of May
Run - 28.75 Miles
Bike - 60.1 Miles
Swim - 4600 Meters

Fourth Week of May
Run - 31 Miles
Bike - 20.4 Miles
Swim - 2500 Meters

Last Week of May
Monday May 28 -
500 - 3x300, 3x200, 3x100, 50, 4x50 stroke, 100 - 2650
Tuesday May 29 - The Mile 5:08. 5.75 miles.
Wednesday May 30 - 8 miles, 62:25
Thursday May 31 - 350 WU 4x(5X100 - on 2:05, 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45), 200 pull, 100 kick, 200 pull, 5x50 on :60, 100 easy - 3200

Total for the month:
Run - 126.25 Miles
Bike - 136.8 Miles
Swim - 23800 Meters

YTD Totals:
Run 535.5 Miles
Bike 784.3 Miles
Swim 105130 Meters

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