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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Lukes All Comers Meet #4
Tonight I ran the mile, just like two weeks ago. There were a couple of fundamental differences however. First, this meet was at Greenhill instead of Jesuit. The Greenhill track was pristine. But it was the also the first time that I had run on it. It was 90 degrees, which was at least 10 degrees warmer than the last event. And of course, I spent all week in France, where I did no speed work at all.

Results: 77.59, 2:36.35 (78.81), 3:54.72 (78.38), 5:13.23 (78.51).

I ran a better tactical race. I got out in third position after the first 100. And I basically stayed in third position through the until about 200 to go, and kid came zooming by me. I hung with the leaders until the last lap - but I did not have any turnover. Coach Vaughan said that was the problem and he attributed that to my trip. I should note for the record that the French food resulted in a gain of 2 pounds.


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