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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Second Annual StoopidR than Hell 100
StoopidR than Hell 100Last year on July 2, Terry and I decided that we should ride up to Sherman Texas and back. Terry was of the opinion that we could knock out a 100 miler with such a route. That trip was such a success that we decided to try it again this year.

We needed a few more yahoo's to join us for the event. As such we came up a name for the event - "The StoopidR than Hell 100". I told everyone I knew about it. Finally, Mike and Tim and Dave DeSosa agreed to join us - a 150% increase in participation!

New Tires

For me the excitement began on Friday night. It was Fran's Birthday and she was with Logan in Rockwall at a soccer scrimage until 7:30. I had picked up Reagan from Gymnastics, and we met them in Rockwall for Dinner. We did not get home until around 9:30 that night. I had told Fran that my Gatorskin tires had some holes in the sidewall. She had bought a new pair so when I got home I proceeded to change out the tires. Bad idea.

In the process of changing the tires, I blew four innertubes out of the two that were on the bike and the three spares I had. I blew up several more that I tried to patch. At midnight, I went to bed pissed off and without a ride.

Note to Self - Patching innertubes is not worth the trouble.

O Dark Thirty

After four hours of sleep I got up and had some coffee, and a couple of bowls of oatmeal. I got all of my gear together. I had instructed Mike to get to my house early enough that we could leave at 0505. We had plans to meet Terry, Dave and Tim about ten minutes down the road. I figured that meant that Mike should be at my place at around 0445. When he did not show, I started to load the bike into the truck as I was going to drive to the rendezvous hoping to bum a good tube for the ride. At 0455 Mike pulled in.

Mike gave me a tube and we got that sucker mounted and pumped and we both wheeled out at 0515 - ten minutes late. Luckily Terry, Dave and Tim where still waiting for us when we got to the rendezvous.


All went well for the first 45 minutes. Once we got on highway 5, Mike decided to kick up the pace. He went rocketing ahead while Tim and I were yakking away well behind him. It was still pretty dark and Dave and Terry were way behind us. Tim told me that he was going to ride ahead and tell Mike to slow down. Good idea.

Except that it was the last time I would see either of those two turkeys until the end of the ride.

I rode about a half mile solo, then I made a couple of quarter mile circles, while waiting for Dave and Terry. Then it became obvious that there was a problem, so I rode back. Not too far back I finally found them. Dave had flatted out. But he was in good shape now. We rode for another several miles to McKinney all the while expecting to see Tim and Mike.

Later that day Mike told me that 1) Tim never told him to slow down and in fact the two of them put down the hammer; and 2) that once they got to Highway 380 in McKinney they took a left hand turn and headed to US 75. Then they rode north on 75; jumped some barriers; crossed a high water crossing and then eventually made their way back to Highway 5.

It's a complete mystery to me why Tim decided that this was the correct route. Of course, its a complete mystery to me why those two would ride out of sight of the rest of the group when they did not know the full route details.

Anyway, it appears that by the time Tim and Mike got back to Highway 5, we had gotten well in front of them. We thought that they had either gone off course or that they were in front of us.

At any rate, we made great time to Sherman, taking one stop in Van Alstine along the way. Once we hit 50 miles, we tagged up and headed back.

Meanwhile Tim had set an alarm for 0730 and when that sucker went off he turned around. Mike kept going until he got past Van Alstein. Thinking that he was ahead of us he turned around and stopped next to the place that we had already stopped at. He waited for twenty minutes there then called it a day and headed back to Richardson. Amazed that he did not see our group, Mike assumed we got lost. Now given that it was our ride, I am not sure how we could get lost!

Psychedelic Pop Tarts

We got to Anna before we took our second stop. Terry asked me if I would like to split a pack of pop-tarts with him. I love pop tarts so naturally I took him up on the offer. I was shocked when he presented me with this thing that had weird psychedelic frosting with sparkling sprinkles. It turns out that this was a Blueberry Pop Tart. Usually I settle for the generic Brown Sugar Variety.

A few miles down the road, I was in Gastric Distress. That Pop Tart had exploded in my lower GI. I did my best to keep up with Terry and Dave, but it was not pretty and I was slowing down the team. Finally when we got back to Highway 380 in McKinney, I found a rest room, which offered some relief. I also downed a can of Coke as well. Feeling better we set out on the last quarter of the ride.

Almost Home

When we finally got to the Rendezvous point, Dave had 47 miles on his odometer, which he had set at the turnaround. I had about 96 miles. Dave decided that he did not need to do another six or so to get to the Century and so he bailed. Terry headed home to the west. I needed to add a few extra neighborhood miles to get to 100. I guess that the difference was the extra bit that I rode waiting for Terry and Dave. When I pulled up to the Front of the house, my Odometer clicked 100.

The front door was closed and Fran had taken the kids to soccer practice. I left my bike on the porch and walked around to the back yard. It was there that I found Mike, who relayed the whole story of their adventure over a couple of beers.

Given that it has rained non stop for the last two weeks it was miraculous that we were able to complete the ride with out getting rained on.

Ride Time 5:51
Distance 100.0
Speed Ave:17.0
CAD Ave:84

Update July 8 - Re-factored some of Tim and Mike's Story.

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Two words.... "Cell phones".
The only thing worse than automobile pilots yakking on cell phones would be Cyclists doing so! :-)

It's a good point. But remember the whole mantra of this ride is "StupidR than Hell"!
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