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Saturday, June 02, 2007
When a plan comes together
I suppose that one needs to have a plan before said plan can "come together". Sometimes that's not true, however.

My usual plan for Saturdays has recently been to run, usually on the track, in the morning rather than ride. But because I am heading to France this afternoon, I thought it would be better to ride rather than run. I chose this approach for two reason. First, I believe that I will be running most of the next week, since its unlikely that I will have access to a bike or a pool. Second, because I am on a red-eye flight, I like to get up early in the morning and really hammer a good workout on the day I fly. I figured a nice long bike ride could probably do more in that department compared to a track workout.

Terry told me that he wanted to do our 30 mile loop at 0530. I liked the time, but wanted to go longer. Terry was not up for a longer ride, so I told him: "OK NP". I figured it would be pretty easy to tack on some more mileage after he peeled off.

Terry and I have a routine. He leaves his house at the appointed hour and will arrive at my house about 15 minutes later. Usually I'll ride out toward his place and we hook up in the middle. I set out at 0545 and was surprised Terry was not out front. I headed down the road and kept going and going and finally after 10 minutes, I thought, heck I must have passed him going the other way. Its a six lane road with a wide median and there is one section where the two directions are about 100 meters apart. So I turned around and high tailed back to the home stead. No Terry. So I headed back again, and then finally I see him coming the other way with another rider.

Terry was shocked and surprised and then I learned that he interpreted my simple "OK NP" as somehow I was going to do something else. So he had grabbed Greg from Bike Store which took him on a detour and explained his "lateness". Sheesh!

From there we nailed the 30 miler in what Terry suspected was record time. We were definitely hammering the ride. The ride returns us to a point between Terry's place and mine, and usually we each head our own direction. But since I was looking for more ride, I had a choice. It was too early for the 905 Bike Mart Ride. It was also a bit early to pick up the guys doing the 555 Bike Mart Ride. So I went with Terry and Greg. And as we headed toward Terry's place, I finally remembered that Mike and Tim started their ride at 0700 and headed to Bike Mart and then down Renner Road toward my house. If I was lucky they would be coming toward us and I could hook up with them. We got to Terry's turn off and I was just going to turn around and head back toward my house, when who comes along? Yup Mike and Tim!

I did the about face, and hooked on with them. We did the big loop out by Sachse and when we finally got back to my neighborhood, I had 60 miles and almost 3:25 of ride time. So I bid those guys fair well and called it a day.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Distance 60.2 miles
Speed: 17.7 ave; 33.6 max
Cad: 82 ave; 109 max
HR: 131 ave; 161 max
Ride Time: 3:24


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