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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending June 17
This week got off to a tough start. It was hard to get back into the usual routine after my week in France. In spite of that, I raced the mile on Tuesday and the 800 on Saturday! I was actually feeling pretty good by Wednesday, when I knocked out the eight miler in just over an hour. Thursday's session in the pool was pretty good as well. This was a Mary workout - meaning shorter intervals and faster pace compared to Victoria's workouts. Sunday it rained and rained, so by the time 3pm rolled around I figured that there would be no way I was going to get the bike on the road. Instead I headed to the gym and did a pretty hard hour on the lifecycle while watching the final holes of the US Open.

Monday June 11 - Swim - 250WU - 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 500 - 2250

Tuesday June 12 - The Mile. 5.75 Miles.

Wednesday June 13 - Eight Mile Run from Lifetime.

Thursday June 14 - Swim - 2x(2x150, 100, 4x75 (25kick, 50 free)), 3x150, 4x75 (25kick, 50 free), 4x50 (15 hard, 35 form), 500 - 2850

Friday June 15 - Intervals 6x70 (90 rest) - 7 miles

Saturday June 17 - 33 miles Bike (1:55); 800 Meters - 5.25 Miles

Sunday June 18 - 22 miles 60 minutes; Lifecycle.

Total for the week:
Run - 28 Miles
Bike - 55 Miles
Swim - 5100 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 79.5 Miles
Bike - 175.3 Miles
Swim - 5100 Meters


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