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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Texas Masters Track and Field Championships
The Texas Masters meet is traditionally the last track meet of the season for me. This year, Coach Vaughan had me down for the 1500. If it were me I might have picked the 800 meters, but I was good with the 1500 in part because I had not run one all season. Unlike previous years the Lukes All Comers meets featured the mile each week and did not run any 1500s. Plus the two miles that I had run at Lukes were both soft.

Complicating matters, Marissa had a soccer tournament about 60 miles from the house. Three games at 7:30am; 12:30 and 4:30pm. This meant spending Friday night in a hotel with the all the kids, and hanging out at the soccer fields all day. Not really good race prep. I hydrated as best I could.

The race was scheduled for 7:50pm. After a good warm up, the starter called our event. It was a fairly large field with 10 runners. There looked to be several open runners - none of whom I recognized. I did not have anyone to pace off of, but that was OK - I'd just run my own race.

We lined up and I was assigned a spot on the outside of the track. The gun went off, and then it went off again? A false start on the 1500? Apparently a runner turned up late and they let him join us. As I jogged back to the start I realized that I was really wired!

We started again and by 100 meters I settled into third position behind two runners. These guys seemed to be on the right pace so I just stayed in their wake through the first turn and down the home stretch, which was into the wind. In the second turn it felt like they were slowing, so at the 400 mark I passed them both. My split at the 400 was 74:55. It felt good to be out in front running at my own pace. I tried to keep up a good tempo and push up the pace. I came through 800 meters at 2:31:58 (77:13), a bit slower, but I still felt like I had lots left in the tank. Still leading, I tried to kick it up a notch for the third lap and came through 1200 in 3:49:49 (77:77). The guy calling the splits told me that I had a 15 meter advantage. 300 to go, I pushed as hard as I could on the back stretch and around the last turn. Coming off the turn, one of the dudes passed me like I was standing still. Unreal. I kept pushing and finished in 4:46:68 (57:24). Coach Vaughan had my last 400 in 76:86.

It turns out that the dude who went by me finished in 4:43:50. He finished 3 seconds ahead of me in the last 100, and he came from 15 meters down with 300 to go. This guy really sandbagged the first part of the race!

Anyway, second overall, and first in my age group is just fine. And Coach Vaughan was pleased with my effort that resulted in "running the last three laps in essentially the same pace and even a bit faster in the end!" This effort would have represented a better time in the mile compared to the two Lukes miles I ran earlier this year. Its nice to peak for the last race!


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Hey Chris, I really enjoy your blog.

I was a hurdler back in University and have always thought about training for some Masters meets. It seems like you're a fan, yes?

Any tips on getting back into it?
Hi Stacy!

Thanks for reading!

> I was a hurdler back in University and have always thought about training for some Masters meets. It seems like you're a fan, yes?

Frankly those hurdles scare the crap outta me! :-) But yeah, running track makes me happy! ;-)

> Any tips on getting back into it?

For me, I was able to hook up with a group of Track Junkies. We do workouts together all year round - and of course run the Masters meets. We have a coach who puts together training schedules and that helps too. Check out local Track Clubs or Distance Clubs. See who is organizing the local meets and then get hooked up with them. Find the hard-core running stores - ones that sell Track Spikes, and you will probably be able to find some leads there too!

Keep me posted.


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