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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending July 1
It was kinda of a crazy week. It started off with a great workout with Bob in the pool on Monday. Tuesday the Track meet got rained out. I hit the gym and ran on the mill, which should tell you how bad the rain was. Normally I enjoy running in the rain. With track meet rescheduled for Thursday, the rest of my routine was thrown off. So I went back to the pool on Wednesday and had another really nice work out. I have a feeling that my swimming is getting much better. Of course the likely answer is that I think that way because, I have not been swimming with the group. Once I get back with them, my false hopes will be exposed. Thursday I had a great 400 meter run. Friday I ran hard in the sun, which was probably stupid in like of Saturday's 100 mile bike. And today I wrapped up with an easier hour run.

The three times I weighed myself this week, I came in all three times at 157. My lowest weight in years and 21 pounds less than at Jan 1. This was particularly surprising given that I have be stead at around 160 for about six weeks.

Monday June 25 - Swim with Bob -
500 WU, 5x200 (Last 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 Fast), 5x100 Stroke Drills Pull, 5x100 under 1:40 on 2:00; 250 WD - 2750

Tuesday June 26 - 60 min run on the stupid treadmill - 7.5 miles

Wednesday June 27 -
500WU, 3x300 on 6:00 in 5:05, 4x200 on 4:00 under 3:20; 5x50 on 60 under 45; 250 WD - 2700 Meters Solo Swim.

Thursday June 28 - 400 Meters. 5.0 Miles Run.

Friday June 29 - 60 min run - 8.0

Saturday June 30 - StoopidR than Hell 100. 100 miles Bike.

Sunday July 1 - 60 minutes run, 15 minutes with Marissa, rest solo. 7.5 Miles.

Total for the week:
Run - 28.0 Miles
Bike - 100.0 Miles
Swim - 5450 Meters

Total for June:
Run - 119.5 Miles
Bike - 356.4 Miles
Swim - 15800 Meters


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