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Friday, January 18, 2008
Good Karma?
Saturday, Terry and I had planned a typical ride at O-Dark-Thirty in the morning. And of course any O-Dark-Thirty ride in January is likely to be cold as hell. The wind was from the south, and we planned to ride to Wiley then down the 205 (due south) to Rockwall, then return with a pleasant tailwind. That was the plan.

And so as we were riding along, Terry was conveniently tucked in right behind me, letting me do all the work into the wind. And THAT had me hacking up loogies and shooting snot rockets outta my nose. Finally I nailed one right on Terry's leg and I told him that he should come do some work and then he could blow some snot rockets at me. And so Terry took the point and immediately gapped me.

And as I was languishing behind, I suddenly noticed that the pavement had gotten mysteriously rough. But it sure didn't look rough. And then I realized that my rear tire had blown out. I was hollering at Terry at the top of my lungs, but wouldn't you know that he just pulled away and kept on going. I suppose thats what I get for shooting boogers at him.

I removed the rear wheel, got the tire off the rim, and removed the tube. I found a very fine steel wire had penetrated the tire. It took me a while to work it out but then when I got it out, I must have dropped it because I could not find it. By this time Terry had finally figured out that I was not longer in his snot zone and come back to assist. We got the new tube on the rim; the tire on the rim and blew that sucker up with the very dangerous CO2 Cartridge system. Everything was in order and Terry proclaimed that the Tire Gods should now be satisfied and Good Karma would prevail.

We proceeded for the few miles into Rockwall and then hooked a right onto the rt66 bridge over the lake and into Rowlett. A couple more miles into Rowlett and we got stopped a the light by the Target. When we finally got green, something was wrong. So much for Karma the rear was flat again. Sheesh.

This time Terry was right next to me, so we both stopped and went through the procedure again. Its a damn good thing that I had two spare tubes. This time I could not find what caused the flat. Terry and I turned the tire inside out, but it was all good. I wonder if that fine steel wire had dropped inside the tire when I removed it the first time?

In spite of carrying two tubes, I only had one CO2 Cartidge, as I had used one to rescue a dude with a flat down at White Rock Lake - another sacrifice to the tire gods. So Terry kindy filled me up this time. And off we went. Again.

All was good for a few more miles until we got to Centerville and Rowlett Road. Now this is the intersection from hell for a bicycle. Its right in the middle of a steep uphill. I advised Terry to get into low gear before we stopped. That was good, but somehow Terry got discombobulated and down he went. Terry got up and was ready to mount and I thought he was OK, as the light turned green. I hammered up the hill but noticed that no traffic was overtaking me. Hmmm, a quick glance back revealed that Terry was still screwing with his bike at the light. I stopped and waited. Another cycle of the light and then finally he was moving. Indeed he had fallen AGAIN. Sheesh we could not get this ride completed.

I was certainly glad by the time we got home. What a messed up ride!

And later that day? Sure enough when I pulled into Plano Cycle to get some more tubes and CO2, there was Terry and Jane who were just leaving with tubes and CO2!


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