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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Tri 4 Life - Allen Texas
Like I said, today was the day for a race. Earlier in the week I did not think so. I had a ton of congestion from allergies and generally felt like crap most of the week. But by Friday, I felt like I should do the race. The weather prediction was for reasonable weather. So I signed up.

This race was a 275 yard swim, a 14 mile bike and a 3.7 mile run. I was seeded third in the swim and was actually pretty nervous about that. But it was not bad, one very young lady passed the guy in back of me and the nailed me as well. I was the fourth person out of the water.

My first transition sucked, I watched as two or three competitors got the jump on me. But I promptly got back one spot (the girl that passed me in the pool), and then a few miles later I got a second key spot back from a guy in my age group. I managed to hold that for the rest of the bike ride. The polar reports: 14.6 miles, ave speed of 20.8, ave cadence of 91, and 42 minutes ride time. Not bad.

The second transition could have also been improved, but I was out of there before the other guy in my age group, who maintained contact during the ride. As soon as started the run both calves started cramping. I kept focus and kept running and then my back also started to cramp. I though I was doomed. But after a mile or so, both my legs and back both relaxed and I managed to push the run. The run was three loops on this one section of road. There were three guys way in front of me and I had a pretty good lead on those behind me including the guy from age group. It was a pretty solid run but man it hurt.

All of that was good enough for fifth place overall and first in my age group. Not too bad for a year since my last triathlon! Looking over the results, my transition times need LOTS of improvement - I left a minute and half on the table there. Apparently I was 7th in the swim, 7th in the bike and 4th in the run.

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Tri 4 Life

Tri 4 Life

Update March 31 - Added links and comments on the official results.

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Monday, March 24, 2008
Murphy Track Tryouts Continue
Marissa reported that today they did the 800 today. She came in first in 3:09. And according to Marissa, that was 20 seconds ahead of everyone else.


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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 12
It was spring break this week for the kids. So I took the week off as well. On Monday Logan rode her bike to Breckinridge park with me. She fed the ducks while I ran intervals. Tuesday it rained like you would not believe. I went down to the pool - but it was closed due to lightning danger. I waited for an hour then they finally let me swim. I got in two thirds of my work before they closed the pool again. Sheesh. Wednesday Reagan and Logan both wanted to go to the pool. So I finished my Tuesday swim there! After the swim I did a fairly easy 6 mile run through the hood. Thursday's intervals felt great. Thursday night I woke up sneezing. Something really bad blew in, I can't remember my allergies acting this bad in March in Texas. Friday, swimming was good - I had some really nice 100s in 85 and some 50s in 40. Saturday I rode with Terry. We had a strong wind on the way home and were hammering pretty good. Sunday, still completely congested I went for a very long, slow run with Victoria. I had not run over 65 minutes since January, and I dont know how long its been since I ran over 1:45! Many years I suspect!

Monday March 17 - Breckinridge Park 8x:90(:90) Max HR 181- 9 miles running.

Tuesday March 18 - 600 WU, 2x(4x50 on 1, 2x100 (25 kick, 75 free) 200 (50 stroke, 100 free, 50 kick)), 4x75 on 90, 75 - 2175 Swim

Wednesday March 19 - 500 WU, 350 Pull, 4x75 on 90 under 65, 50 kick, 2x50 free - 1300 Swim. Followed by 54 min run, 6.3 miles.

Thursday March 20 - Breckinridge Park Intervals 16x:30(:60), Max HR 179, 7.75 Miles run.

Friday March 21 - 500WU, 2x(400pull, 4x100 on 2 under 90, 50 kick, 4x50 on 1 under 42 (set 1) 40 (set 2)400 pull - 3000 Swim Solo.

Saturday March 22 - McKinney Loop w/Terry - Ave 16.8, CAD 82, Ride Time 2:23 - 40.3 Miles Bike.

Sunday March 23 - Variation on the Long Neighborhood Loop with Victoria 1:47 - 12 miles

Total for the week:
Run - 35.1 Miles
Bike - 40.3 Miles
Swim - 6475 Meters

Total for March:
Run - 86.3 Miles
Bike - 235.8 Miles
Swim - 21775 Meters

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Coach Vaughan Program


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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Brew Time
Yesterday I made a run to pick up some supplies at the beer store. It was a good thing that I have previously stocked up on hops as there appears to be shortage. At the store they were in fact rationing the hops! For Valentines Day Fran gave me a new 58 quart Stainless brew kettle. Today I put that sucker to the test. I used too much water relative to the standard recipe. As a result the specific gravity will be lower and therefore this batch will be a little lighter than usual.

For today we did:

7.0 lbs Pale Malt Extract
2 lbs. Ground Weyermann's Carafoam Crystal Malt
6.0 - 7.0 Gallons of Water
1.5 ounces of Challenger Hops (10.1%) Boiling
0.5 ounce of Fuggles Plugs Hops (4.0%) Finishing
Wyeast 1007 German Ale Yeast

Specific Gravity: 1.044

Update Mar 29 - Racked, added .5 oz of fuggles, SG: 1.020
Update Apr 12 - SG: 1.012 ~4.5% Alc. In the bottle.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 11
Feeling stronger this week with my interval runs. Mary tried to kill me with the 3x75 on 1;15 swim sets, but even then I am feeling stronger with my swimming. On Saturday and Sunday, the wind was blowing 30 miles an hour which made riding the bike very challenging. I did some hill work on Saturday and then on Sunday I rode down and around White Rock Lake. The wind was out of the east and I never seemed to have it to my back. The last 10 miles was straight into the wind and very difficult. I am glad that is over.

Monday March 10 - Timberglen Park Intervals 8x2:00(2:00), Max HR 190, 9 miles run.

Tuesday March 11 - 300 WU, 3x(3x75 on 1:15 (Last set in 1 on :90), 2x 50 on 1:10, 5x75 pull on 1:20, 2x50 on 1), 3x(50, 50 kick) - 3000 Swim (w/Mary)

Wednesday March 12 - 8 mile run from Lifetime Dallas, 1:01:30.

Thursday March 13 - Timberglen Park Intervals 10x:70(:80), Max HR 180, 8.75 Miles run.

Friday March 14 - 500WU, 500pull, 2x(250, 250 pull) on 4, 2x(2x125, on 2:30, 2x125pull on 2:15) - 3000 Swim Solo.

Saturday March 15 - 4 loops of the Sachse Hills, 17.1 Ave Speed, 87 Cad, 1:46 ride time - 30.3 Miles Bike.

Sunday March 16 - White Rock Loop (Terry to LBJ), Ave Speed 16.0; CAD 81, Ride time 3:21 - 53.9 Miles Bike.

Total for the week:
Run - 25.8 Miles
Bike - 84.2 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Total for March:
Run - 51.2 Miles
Bike - 195.5 Miles
Swim - 15300 Meters

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Coach Vaughan Program


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Monday, March 17, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 10
Coming off of my hill workouts, made this a kind of weird transition week. Monday would have been a run day but it was raining, so I jumped into the pool instead. Coach Vaughan had intervals scheduled (his workouts are posted here.) for Thursday and Saturday. Since I had planned to swim with Mary on Thursday I did them Wednesday and Saturday instead.

Monday March 03 - 200 wu 3X(300, 3X100 (set 1&2 25 kick, 25 back, 25 free, 25 kick), 6X50 on 1), 100 kick - 3000 Swim

Tuesday March 04 - 500WU, 2x(2x200 on 3:30 (second set pull); 4x100 on 2; 6x50 on 1); 2x50 on 1; 200 pull - 3000 Swim

Wednesday March 05 - Timberglen - Intervals 10x:60(:90), Max HR 183, 8.1 miles Run.

Thursday March 06 - 550WU, 50 kick, 500 pull, 50 kick, 500 (100 easy, 100 hard), 50 kick, 500 Pull (100 easy, 100 hard), 50 kick, 450 (50 hard, 50easy), 50 kick; 500 (50 hard, 50easy), 50 kick - 3300 Swim

Friday March 07 - 8 mile loop from Lifetime Dallas - 63 min. run.

Saturday March 08 - Breckinridge - Intervals 12x:30(:60) Max HR 173 - 7.25 miles run.

Sunday March 09 - McKinney Loop - 2:26 Ride time; Ave Speed 17.6; CAD 85; 42.9 Miles Bike.

Total for the week:
Run - 25.4 Miles
Bike - 42.9 Miles
Swim - 9300 Meters

Total for March:
Run - 25.4 Miles
Bike - 111.3 Miles
Swim - 9300 Meters

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Sunday, March 16, 2008
Soccer Gods are smiling on us.
A typical weekend around here involves more soccer than most people do in year.

Saturday morning Marissa's team played their game a man short. Marissa who typically plays midfielder or forward, instead played defender. According to Fran she did a great job, fearlessly tacking forwards three times her size. Even a man down they won 3-0. Nice shutout for the defenders.

While Fran and Marissa were at that game, Logan and Reagan's United team was playing across town. A bunch of the kids on Reagan's Sting Team, play on this United team. They decided to play in the next older age group this year, and they asked me if I knew any other players who might be intested in playing with them. And that's how I talked Logan into playing with Reagan. This is a team of second graders, with one fourth grader, playing in the third grade league. (Logan is technically a third grade soccer player based on her birth day even though she is in fourth grade.) Anyway, they won their game 4-0 and Logan had a very nice assist with a play on the right endline into the center.

Today Reagan's Sting Team played a very tough SDL match against a Dallas Texan team coached by Steve Nichols. Reagan's team was down early in the match but came back in the second half to win 6-5. Reagan scored a beautiful goal patiently waiting for the ball in front of the net and then taking the shot with her right foot (her weak side) for the goal. After the game Coach Don gave her a Taz award for hustle!

After Reagan's game we drove across town for Logan's Sting game in PAL. When we got the field a couple of players from Reagan's team were there as well. Apparently we were going to a little short handed for this game and Don invited these girls to play with Logan's group. Logan played great soccer and scored the second and winning goal in a 4-1 game. Post game Coach Don gave Logan a Taz award as well!

So the total for the weekend was: four wins, two goals, two Taz awards and one assist. Not too shabby!


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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Mom's showcase
My Mom has hit the blogosphere! From The Blog of the DC Cabaret Network:

This is Elaine’s 12th season performing in the showcases and in this show, she reprised favorite songs from each of her previous showcases. Having heard Elaine through the years, it is nice to see such a wonderful arc of progress in her work. She is at ease with herself, and appeared to really enjoy herself, which only made the audience enjoy her performance even more.
Go Mom!


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More on Marissa's Track Tryouts
Tuesday Marissa reported that she ran the 200 in 33 flat. No word on how that compared to the other cast of characters. There was no track scheduled yesterday. There is track today, after which Marissa also has a soccer game!


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Monday, March 10, 2008
Like Father, Like Daughter
Today Marissa tried out for the Murphy Middle School 7th grade Track team. She ran the 400 in 1:25 good for second out of 16. She also ran the 100 in 16.12.

Can you see me smiling here?


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A race? Maybe!
I am starting to feel pretty strong, so I was checking out the race calendar. It turns out that there is a nice Sprint Tri on Sunday March 30. The soccer gods have blessed this morning as free time. If that continues to hold (no make up games scheduled that morning), then this may be the one. Its basically the same course that I completely screwed up last February. This time it will be standard format rather than reverse format. The bike is the same course, the run is a little different than last year - with a double out and back thing. The swim is shorter. Anyway, like I said, I am feeling pretty strong.

The only downside, is that they want $80 for this event. That is freaking robbery!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
On March First Reagan spotted a Martin Scout on our house. The first one of the season. Yippee! The true sign of spring.

February Workouts
Considering the short month and that I took two days off, the volume compares well to January. With in fact more bike! But compared to February 2007, I am ahead in every category. All of my hills this year were faster than last year and also faster than 2005, a good sign. I started January of 2007 at 178 pounds and by July I had gotten below 160. But after the knee surgery I had put on five pounds. And when I got back from Aix in January I hit 170! As I closed out February I had managed to get back to a solid 162.

First Week of February
Run - 19.75 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 0 Meters

Second Week of February
Run - 23.3 Miles
Bike - 91.2 Miles
Swim - 4000 Meters

Third Week of February
Run - 24.0 Miles
Bike - 38.3 Miles
Swim - 6250 Meters

Fourth Week of February
Run - 24.0 Miles
Bike - 16.6 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Last Week of February
Run - 26.0 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 3000 Meters

Total for February:
Run - 117.0 Miles
Bike - 146.1 Miles
Swim - 22250 Meters

Total for 2008:
Run - 240.35 Miles
Bike - 273.2 Miles
Swim- 47250 Meters

Back to: January


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 9
Finally got in a full week of workouts! Finished the hill running and Thursday's 43.3 was my fastest hill in at least 3 years.

Monday Feb 25 - Flagpole Hill - 4 hills plus 6x:30, 3x:60, 20x:08, Last hill was 46.6 - 8 miles running.

Tuesday Feb 26 - 500WU, 2x(2x200 on 3:30 (second set pull); 4x100 on 2; 6x50 on 1); 2x50 on 1; 200 pull - 3000 Swim

Wednesday Feb 27 - 63 Min Run, 8 miles.

Thursday Feb 28 - 4 hills plus 4x:30, 2x:60, 16x:08, Last Hill 43.3 - 8 miles running.

Friday Feb 29 - 3000 Swim with Mary - did not log the details but we did a 1000 under 15 in there somewhere!

Saturday Mar 01 - 205 ride with Terry - 17.5 Ave, 81 CAD; 38.3 miles - 2:10 Ride time
- PM 2 miles jogging and strides with Marissa

Sunday Mar 02 - 30.1 Really windy - Sachse solo and then some with Victoria and Mike

Total for the week:
Run - 26.0 Miles
Bike - 68.4 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Total for Feb:
Run - 117.0 Miles
Bike - 146.1 Miles
Swim - 22250 Meters

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Workout Notes 2008 Week 8
This week was still a bit stressful. Somehow I managed to keep my workouts. And on my hill workouts we add a sprint up the hill this week. Last year I did these two in 50.5 and 51.4. This year I was 50.0 and 46.4 which was also faster than 2005. Nice!

Monday Feb 18 - Flagpole Hill - 4 hills plus 4x:30, 2x:60, 16x:08, Last hill was 50.0 - 8 miles running.

Tuesday Feb 19 - 3000 Swim (I forgot to log the workout.)

Wednesday Feb 20 - 65 Min Run, 8 miles.

Thursday Feb 21 - 4 hills plus 4x:30, 2x:60, 16x:08, Last Hill 46.4 - 8 miles running.

Friday Feb 22 - 500WU, 300, 2x150 on 4, 4x100 on 2; 300 pull, 2x150 on 4, 4x100 on 2; 200 pull; 4x50 on 1; 100 - 3000.

Saturday Feb 16 - Nothing - Fran was in Houston with Reagan - Marissa and Logan were testing the limits of Dad.

Sunday Feb 17 - 16.6 miles easy bike at the crit course with Marissa and Logan in the car 69 minutes.

Total for the week:
Run - 24.0 Miles
Bike - 16.6 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Total for Feb:
Run - 91.0 Miles
Bike - 146.1 Miles
Swim - 16250 Meters

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Monday, March 03, 2008
It's freaking snowing.. Dallas.... March....



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