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Sunday, March 16, 2008
Soccer Gods are smiling on us.
A typical weekend around here involves more soccer than most people do in year.

Saturday morning Marissa's team played their game a man short. Marissa who typically plays midfielder or forward, instead played defender. According to Fran she did a great job, fearlessly tacking forwards three times her size. Even a man down they won 3-0. Nice shutout for the defenders.

While Fran and Marissa were at that game, Logan and Reagan's United team was playing across town. A bunch of the kids on Reagan's Sting Team, play on this United team. They decided to play in the next older age group this year, and they asked me if I knew any other players who might be intested in playing with them. And that's how I talked Logan into playing with Reagan. This is a team of second graders, with one fourth grader, playing in the third grade league. (Logan is technically a third grade soccer player based on her birth day even though she is in fourth grade.) Anyway, they won their game 4-0 and Logan had a very nice assist with a play on the right endline into the center.

Today Reagan's Sting Team played a very tough SDL match against a Dallas Texan team coached by Steve Nichols. Reagan's team was down early in the match but came back in the second half to win 6-5. Reagan scored a beautiful goal patiently waiting for the ball in front of the net and then taking the shot with her right foot (her weak side) for the goal. After the game Coach Don gave her a Taz award for hustle!

After Reagan's game we drove across town for Logan's Sting game in PAL. When we got the field a couple of players from Reagan's team were there as well. Apparently we were going to a little short handed for this game and Don invited these girls to play with Logan's group. Logan played great soccer and scored the second and winning goal in a 4-1 game. Post game Coach Don gave Logan a Taz award as well!

So the total for the weekend was: four wins, two goals, two Taz awards and one assist. Not too shabby!


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