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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Tri 4 Life - Allen Texas
Like I said, today was the day for a race. Earlier in the week I did not think so. I had a ton of congestion from allergies and generally felt like crap most of the week. But by Friday, I felt like I should do the race. The weather prediction was for reasonable weather. So I signed up.

This race was a 275 yard swim, a 14 mile bike and a 3.7 mile run. I was seeded third in the swim and was actually pretty nervous about that. But it was not bad, one very young lady passed the guy in back of me and the nailed me as well. I was the fourth person out of the water.

My first transition sucked, I watched as two or three competitors got the jump on me. But I promptly got back one spot (the girl that passed me in the pool), and then a few miles later I got a second key spot back from a guy in my age group. I managed to hold that for the rest of the bike ride. The polar reports: 14.6 miles, ave speed of 20.8, ave cadence of 91, and 42 minutes ride time. Not bad.

The second transition could have also been improved, but I was out of there before the other guy in my age group, who maintained contact during the ride. As soon as started the run both calves started cramping. I kept focus and kept running and then my back also started to cramp. I though I was doomed. But after a mile or so, both my legs and back both relaxed and I managed to push the run. The run was three loops on this one section of road. There were three guys way in front of me and I had a pretty good lead on those behind me including the guy from age group. It was a pretty solid run but man it hurt.

All of that was good enough for fifth place overall and first in my age group. Not too bad for a year since my last triathlon! Looking over the results, my transition times need LOTS of improvement - I left a minute and half on the table there. Apparently I was 7th in the swim, 7th in the bike and 4th in the run.

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Tri 4 Life

Tri 4 Life

Update March 31 - Added links and comments on the official results.

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