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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 17
Monday and Tuesday I was dragging after all the bike work on Saturday and Sunday. That said, both were good sessions. Given that I had been pushing the limit, and was signed up for the TriHistoric McKinney Triathlon on Sunday, I decided to cut back the usual hour run on Wednesday to 43 min. Thursday I had what I thought was a pretty easy 16x30 set of intervals. I now see that I pushed my HR up to 191 or about 95% of max - that was more work than I wanted to do! Friday was no different - I was hustling to make a lunch with some colleagues and I hammered through my swim pretty hard. I was dripping sweat an hour after my swim. And if that was not bad enough, Saturday I only wanted to do some easy miles on the bike, like 90 minutes. But, noooo, Terry and Victoria conspired to have me out there for almost 3 hours! Sheesh!

Sunday morning it was wet and cool, but not too cold. A bit windy, but all in all perfect for the Tri-Historic McKinney Triathlon!

Monday April 21 - Intervals at Timberglen 8x:90 (:90 rest) max hr 185 - 9.0 Miles Run

Tuesday April 22 -400WU, 4x(4x50 pull on 1; 200 as 2x(25 kick, 25 stroke, 50 swim); 8x25 on 40 as 2x(3x25 swim, 1x25 kick)) 200 pull - 3000 w/mary

Wednesday April 23 - 43 min run - 5.5 miles.

Thursday April 24 - 16x:30 (60 rest) max hr 191 - 7.75 Miles Run

Friday April 25 - 500 WU, 3x(300pull on 5, 2x150 on 3, 4x 50 on 1) 2x50 on 1 - 3000 Meter Swim

Saturday April 26 - 45.5 miles bike (Speed 16.3, cad 79 Ride time 2:47.) w/ Terry and Victoria

Sunday April 27 - Tri-Historic McKinney, 500y WU, 300y Swim, 15.3M Bike, 3.1M run, 2M cooldown.

Total for the week:
Run - 27.4 Miles
Bike - 60.8 Miles
Swim - 6730 Meters

Weight - 159-162

Total for April:
Run - 101.8 Miles
Bike - 302.9 Miles
Swim - 24730 Meters

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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Race Report: Tri-Historic McKinney
Race number two for 2008 is in the books. The 2cd annual Tri-Historic McKinney Sprint Triathlon, courtesy of the irascible "Iron" Jack Weiss. This race affirms what we already know, first and foremost, Chris is a runner. That said the bike and the swim are improving!

Most of the heavy rain had passed through the are in the wee hours just before the race. It was raining on my way up to McKinney, but it had mostly stopped by the time I got to the race. It rained a bit more as the race went on, but nothing heavy. The roads were a bit slick and the run went down some trails that were at times wet and at other times VERY slippery.

On Friday, another birthday gift from Dad came in the mail; a set of Pyro Pedals. These are adjustable full length pedal platforms that accommodate a running shoe. These pedals accept a cleat that snaps into the existing pedal on the bike. Basically the idea is that for Duathlon or Sprint Tri's that you can minimize your transition time by not changing into your running shoes. After a test ride on Saturday (45 miles - Sheesh), I figured that I would try the new system. My only reservation was the rain - i figured that whatever shoe I was wearing on the bike was going to be soaked by the end of that leg. But then I thought, heck anyone can run 3 miles in wet shoes!

I set up the bike in transition, with some rubber bands holding the Pyro Pedals in the right position (not dragging on the ground.) Then I went inside the McKinney High School Natatorium to warm up. The pool was pretty small, 6 lanes, two wide ones on the out side and four narrow ones on the inside. For the 300 yard swim that meant up and back in each lane. That could be tricky! I did a 500 yard warmup, and then Iron Jack gave his pre-race prep talk which included a promise to pull any of the first 100 swimmers who walk in the pool! Then we were ready to go.

I had number 10, which should have meant 10th in the water. Except that 1 and 9 did not turn up, so I was eighth in the water. The first 100 was pretty good. The I got passed, then I passed a guy in a hairy maneuver in the middle of the skinny lanes, and then I passed another guy where I went under the rope and did not get any push from the wall. Treacherous. But I survived. As I ran outside, I thought, man I need a shirt. It was cold!

I got my left sock on fast. The right one was inside out. I am such a dumb ass on prepping the transition area. Got that straightened out, then both shoes on. Helmet. Number. Glasses in mouth. I then grabbed the bike and had to run down the narrow lane on the right of the transition area - probably 100 meters long or more. I was slowed by the guy in front of me who of course could not run as fast because he had on his bike shoes! Ha! I got the bike clear of transition and got my foot in the pyro pedal and I was off like a shot - right past two dudes standing there. Once I got going good, I reached down and strapped the velcro pedal straps over my shoes.

The wind was blowing hard and the roads were wet. But that aside, I never felt too cold on the bike. In fact it felt pretty good cold but not uncomfortable. A ton of dudes blew by me on the bike. I got one of them back, and one or two right at the start. There were places on the course where it was flat and we were heading into the wind and the most I could muster was 13 MPH on the small chain ring. Wow.

As I came back to transition, I undid the velcro on the pedals. I hopped off the bike and then I had to run the bike all the way back through the transition area this time on the right side. The cool thing is when I found my rack I put down my helmet parked the bike and I was outta there!

My toes were numb. But I felt way better on the run compared to the Allen race. I picked off my first victim in the first quarter mile. I got my second victim shortly thereafter. In all I passed five guys in the run and no one got by me. The run was a bit slippery in places - in fact the bike ride in retrospect was no problem.

This was a much larger race than Allen - nearly 300 competitors. I finished 14th overall; 4th masters; first in my age group. I finished ahead of all of the women. And no one older than me faster than me. I was also third overall in the run and 1st overall in the T2! Heh, heh - those Pyro Pedals kicked butt! :-)

Also enjoying this fine event was Coach Victoria, who finished first in her age group and was the third women overall. Nice work there too!


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Friday, April 25, 2008
Martin Update
We have either two or three pair of Martins back this year. I thought it was two pair, but there are three nests. That could be due to the fact that I had a pesky pair of sparrows that kept taking over some of the Martin nests.

Sadly I found a dead female Martin in one of my apartments. It is not clear to me how she died.

I had been trying to catch or kill that dang sparrow for a couple of weeks. I have my sparrow trap mounted on the fence this year. And the neighbor has a tree that is coming over the top of the fence. I trimmed the tree in hopes that the sparrows would now have a better angle or view of the trap.


Wednesday I got the pesky male Yesterday I got another male and a female. And today I got a second female.

This year I am going to track the Sparrow Elimination Progress.

Update April 27: When I got home on Friday, one of the female sparrows was dead in the trap. When I removed her, the second female one got away. Not too bad a loss - its the males that I am really after. And wouldn't you know it not less than an hour later, I nabbed a third male.

Update April 29: This is cool. Here is the embeded spreadsheet:


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Stocking Up!
New Shoes

For my Birthday I had asked my Dad to get me a pair of Brooks Burn Shoes. This shoe has been discontinued. I figured that I needed at least one more pair to add to the collection and get me through until the Ghost is released in August. Imagine my surprise when 4 pair turned up in the mail; two from Dad and two from the wife.

Absolute Greatness!!

And it brings back fond memories of the Mach 1. As I recall I bought four pair of those before the Burn 1 came out!


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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Old Workouts
My current track schedule from Coach Vaughan has expired. So I dug out some old programs to do while I wait for him to cook me up some new work.
These will be my Monday-Thursday workouts for the next two weeks:

Week of April 21: Monday: 8x90; Thursday: 16x30

Week of April 28: 8x:90, 24x:30

April 21 Update: Coach Vaughan sent me the work for the week of April 21 - dropping 6x3:00 and 12x:70 in favor of 8x:90 and 16x:30.


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Workout Notes 2008 Week 16
As I mentioned last week, I was a bit concerned about Monday's 8x2:00 intervals. In fact they turned out OK and the knot in the left calf did not flare up. Tuesday I hooked up with Mary for a nice swim. Mary won her age group in the Lone Star Half Iron a couple of weeks ago. Wednesday I did my usual 8 mile loop and wouldn't you know it, with about a mile to go that knot in my calf kicked in bad. Drats. Thursday I had 20x:30 second intervals, and I got through them without a problem, thankfully. Friday I did a nice swim early. For my first 300 I did a time trial and came away with a 4:25, a certain improvement over the 4:50 that I did almost two years ago! Friday afternoon I played in a golf tournament - in fact the same one that I did last year. Saturday, I got up early and took Terry on a new Lake Lavon route, about 40 miles, then I hooked up with Victoria and we did two Wiley-Rowlett-Sachse loops. That was a total of 84.1 miles - my longest ride since last year's StoopidR than Hell 100. Finally today I knocked out a nice ride around White Rock Lake.


I had been thinking of doing the McKinney Sprint Tri next week. But with the calf problem I was thinking that it was not a good idea. And until today, the long range weather forecast predicted rain. Today the forecast has changed for some good weather. And I fell so good after my nearly 140 miles on the bike this weekend, that I actually signed up for the event. Sheesh!

That calf had better be better!

Monday April 14 - Intervals 8x2:00 (2:00 rest) max hr 180 - 9.0 Miles Run

Tuesday April 15 -300WU 2x(3x200 (swim, kick, pull) on 3:30, 6x75 on 1:30), 3x200 (swim, kick, pull) on 3:30 - 3000 Meter Swim w/Mary

Wednesday April 16 - 61 min run - 8.0 miles.

Thursday April 17 - 20x:30 (60 rest) max hr 159 - 8.5 Miles Run

Friday April 18 - 500WU 3x(300, 300 pull, 4x50 on 1) 2x50 (First 300TT in 4:25) - 3000 Meter Swim.

Saturday April 19 - 84.1 miles bike (Speed 17.1, cad 85 Ride time 4:55.)

Sunday April 20 - 53.8 miles bike (Ave Speed 17.8, CAD 84, Ride Time 3:01).

Total for the week:
Run - 25.5 Miles
Bike - 137.9 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Weight - 163-164 (Statistical Anomaly Department - I weighed in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at exactly 164.0 which is unusual for a scale that measures to the tenth of a pound)

Total for April:
Run - 74.4 Miles
Bike - 242.1 Miles
Swim - 18000 Meters

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Covering the worst case scenarios
I was talking with Fran about our going to a birthday party for a friend at a local watering hole. Fran pointed out that the kids could not go - which I pointed out was the whole point!

Marissa, who was listening in nearby offered, "Hey I'll babysit! And, I promise I won't kill Logan and Reagan."

How reassuring. Ahem. At least we have the down side covered.


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Sunday, April 13, 2008
70 Bottles of Beer on the wall
Yesterday I bottled up the March 19 production run.


Workout Notes 2008 Week 15
I had not run intervals in two weeks, so I was excited to hit my 12x70 hard on Monday. On number 11 I felt a sharp pain in my right calf. I thought I might be cramping, because it was almost 80 degrees. I hit the last one hard, then I limped back to the gym. (I was certainly dehydrated as after the run I weighed in at 160, a measure that I have not seen in six months or more.) Tuesday morning I was limping around and Fran asked me if I had screwed up my knee again! The calf was much better after my Tuesday swim, and it was pretty good for my easy distance on Wednesday. But I could still feel that knot. So it was with some trepidation that I hit my 14x:45 session on Thursday. I was good through ten reps and that's when I felt that exact same pain as Monday. I decided to finish the workout only going 80% of effort for the last four reps. I did not limp home as badly on Thursday compared to Monday. Friday the pool was closed. I had a hard time deciding between doing a long run, doing an hour on the lifecycle, or going to the other pool later in the day. I chose bike and the calf was fine. I managed to sneak out on the real bike very early Saturday morning. I rode 10-12 miles with Terry then I had to get back home for the girls soccer game (Logan scored two goals and also one on Sunday - that cost me $40!). And today it was just too damn windy for the bike, so I went to the pool to make up for Friday.

Sadly I can still feel that huge knot in my leg....Not sure what I am gonna do tomorrow.

Monday April 07 - Intervals 12x70 (80 rest) max hr 187 - 8.5 Miles Run

Tuesday April 08 -500WU, 5x100pull on 2 under 85, 100, 150 pull, 250, 250pull, 250, 2x(150, 150 pull), 4x50 on 1, 4x50 pull on 1 - 3000M Swim.

Wednesday April 09 - 62 min run - 8.0 miles.

Thursday April 10 - 14x45 (65 rest) max hr 176 - 8.3 Miles Run

Friday April 11 - Lifecycle 20.8 Miles 60 minutes.

Saturday April 12 - 20.8 miles bike (Speed 17.1, cad 85 Ride time 91.)

Sunday April 13 - 500WU, 3x(300 pull, 2x150 on 3 in 2:15, 4x50 (on 1 in 40 (last set 45))) 2x50 on 1 in 45 - 3000.

Total for the week:
Run - 24.8 Miles
Bike - 46.8 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Weight - 160-164 (Mode 163)

Total for April:
Run - 48.9 Miles
Bike - 104.2 Miles
Swim - 12000 Meters

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Sunday, April 06, 2008
March Workouts
March started off like a lion - a couple of solid weeks of intervals; but then we had spring break with the kids, and I almost got a sinus infection. But I managed my first race since knee surgery and my first triathlon in a year! Not a great month - but not bad. Compared to February my run was essentially the same but the bike and swim were both improved. Compared to last March I did a lot more work - BUT last March I spent a week skiing. Not sure how to factor that in - but I sure do wish I went skiing this year!

And of course last March I finished 10th overall in the Triathlon that I did, and this March I finished fifth overall (in a smaller race.) But it seems like improvement.

First Week of March
Run - 25.4 Miles
Bike - 111.3 Miles
Swim - 9300 Meters

Second Week of March
Run - 25.8 Miles
Bike - 84.2 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Third Week of March
Run - 35.1 Miles
Bike - 40.3 Miles
Swim - 6475 Meters

Fourth Week of March
Run - 21.7 Miles
Bike - 14.6 Miles
Swim - 6525 Meters

Total for March:
Run - 115.8 Miles
Bike - 250.4 Miles
Swim - 28300 Meters

Total for 2008:
Run - 356.15 Miles
Bike - 523.6 Miles
Swim- 75550 Meters

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Workout Notes 2008 Week 14
Monday morning, bright and early, I packed my very sore body (sore from the race) onto a plane and headed to San Jose, California. I spent the morning at our Sunnyvale office, and then around 3:30 I headed to Monterey where we had three days of meetings scheduled. When I got there I headed out for a run. I was not sure how far I could go, because everything hurt from the race. But somehow running on the california coast has this healing effect and I managed an hour run. The scenery is spectacular, and for the next three days I went and did a variation on that same run. Friday I flew home and hit the pool for a nice swim. Saturday Victoria really killed me on the bike. And Sunday I had another nice swim.

Monday March 31 - 63 min run, Monterey - 7.8 miles run.

Tuesday April 01 - 68 min run, Monterey - 8.5 miles

Wednesday April 02 - 63 min run, Monterey - 7.8 miles.

April 03 - 62 minute run, Monterey - 7.8 miles.

April 04 -500WU, 400, 300, 200, 100, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 - 3000 Swim

April 05 - Long ride with Victoria (78 to 380, left in Princeton and back) 17.4 Ave, 87 Cad, 3:17 ride time - 57.4 miles

April 06 - 500, 500pull, 400, 400 pull, 300, 300 pull, 200, 200 pull, 100, 100 pull - 3000 swim.

Total for the week:
Run - 31.9 Miles
Bike - 57.4 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Weight - 161-162

Total for April:
Run - 24.1 Miles
Bike - 57.4 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

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Workout Notes 2008 Week 13
Another weird week. This one started badly. I had been feeling like crap - tons of congestion - but instead of taking it easy, I kept going hard at the end of last week. I started taking zyrtec and muscinex in an effort to stave off the impending sinus infection. Monday I really felt bad so I did an easy 35 minutes running. Tuesday, I felt much better so I hit it hard in the pool. Guess what? Yeah Wednesday, back to feeling like crap. So more jogging. Thursday I felt better and hit a longer run. Then Friday I had a nice session in the pool. And it was at that point that I committed to doing the race. So I went and registered on Friday night! Saturday was a rest day for taper. And Sunday was The Race.

Monday March 24 - 35 minutes easy run from lifetime dallas - 4 miles.

Tuesday March 25 - 350 WU, 150 pull, 3x(300, 2x150 on 3, 4x50 on 1) second set pull, 100 kick - 3000

Wednesday March 26 - 30 min run at plano west - 3.8 miles.

Thursday March 27 - 62.5 minute run 8 miles (lifetime dallas).

Friday March 28 -500WU, 500pull, 2x(250, 250 pull), 2x(150, 150 pull), 100, 100 pull, 100, 100 kick - 3000.

Saturday March 29 - Day of rest, taper for the race.

Sunday March 30 - The Race. 250 Swim Warmup, 275 swim, 14.6 mile bike, 3.7 mile run, 2.2 mile run cool down.

Total for the week:
Run - 21.7 Miles
Bike - 14.6 Miles
Swim - 6525 Meters

Weight - 162 - 163

Total for March:
Run - 108.0 Miles
Bike - 250.4 Miles
Swim - 28300 Meters

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