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Sunday, April 06, 2008
March Workouts
March started off like a lion - a couple of solid weeks of intervals; but then we had spring break with the kids, and I almost got a sinus infection. But I managed my first race since knee surgery and my first triathlon in a year! Not a great month - but not bad. Compared to February my run was essentially the same but the bike and swim were both improved. Compared to last March I did a lot more work - BUT last March I spent a week skiing. Not sure how to factor that in - but I sure do wish I went skiing this year!

And of course last March I finished 10th overall in the Triathlon that I did, and this March I finished fifth overall (in a smaller race.) But it seems like improvement.

First Week of March
Run - 25.4 Miles
Bike - 111.3 Miles
Swim - 9300 Meters

Second Week of March
Run - 25.8 Miles
Bike - 84.2 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Third Week of March
Run - 35.1 Miles
Bike - 40.3 Miles
Swim - 6475 Meters

Fourth Week of March
Run - 21.7 Miles
Bike - 14.6 Miles
Swim - 6525 Meters

Total for March:
Run - 115.8 Miles
Bike - 250.4 Miles
Swim - 28300 Meters

Total for 2008:
Run - 356.15 Miles
Bike - 523.6 Miles
Swim- 75550 Meters

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