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Friday, April 25, 2008
Martin Update
We have either two or three pair of Martins back this year. I thought it was two pair, but there are three nests. That could be due to the fact that I had a pesky pair of sparrows that kept taking over some of the Martin nests.

Sadly I found a dead female Martin in one of my apartments. It is not clear to me how she died.

I had been trying to catch or kill that dang sparrow for a couple of weeks. I have my sparrow trap mounted on the fence this year. And the neighbor has a tree that is coming over the top of the fence. I trimmed the tree in hopes that the sparrows would now have a better angle or view of the trap.


Wednesday I got the pesky male Yesterday I got another male and a female. And today I got a second female.

This year I am going to track the Sparrow Elimination Progress.

Update April 27: When I got home on Friday, one of the female sparrows was dead in the trap. When I removed her, the second female one got away. Not too bad a loss - its the males that I am really after. And wouldn't you know it not less than an hour later, I nabbed a third male.

Update April 29: This is cool. Here is the embeded spreadsheet:


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