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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 15
I had not run intervals in two weeks, so I was excited to hit my 12x70 hard on Monday. On number 11 I felt a sharp pain in my right calf. I thought I might be cramping, because it was almost 80 degrees. I hit the last one hard, then I limped back to the gym. (I was certainly dehydrated as after the run I weighed in at 160, a measure that I have not seen in six months or more.) Tuesday morning I was limping around and Fran asked me if I had screwed up my knee again! The calf was much better after my Tuesday swim, and it was pretty good for my easy distance on Wednesday. But I could still feel that knot. So it was with some trepidation that I hit my 14x:45 session on Thursday. I was good through ten reps and that's when I felt that exact same pain as Monday. I decided to finish the workout only going 80% of effort for the last four reps. I did not limp home as badly on Thursday compared to Monday. Friday the pool was closed. I had a hard time deciding between doing a long run, doing an hour on the lifecycle, or going to the other pool later in the day. I chose bike and the calf was fine. I managed to sneak out on the real bike very early Saturday morning. I rode 10-12 miles with Terry then I had to get back home for the girls soccer game (Logan scored two goals and also one on Sunday - that cost me $40!). And today it was just too damn windy for the bike, so I went to the pool to make up for Friday.

Sadly I can still feel that huge knot in my leg....Not sure what I am gonna do tomorrow.

Monday April 07 - Intervals 12x70 (80 rest) max hr 187 - 8.5 Miles Run

Tuesday April 08 -500WU, 5x100pull on 2 under 85, 100, 150 pull, 250, 250pull, 250, 2x(150, 150 pull), 4x50 on 1, 4x50 pull on 1 - 3000M Swim.

Wednesday April 09 - 62 min run - 8.0 miles.

Thursday April 10 - 14x45 (65 rest) max hr 176 - 8.3 Miles Run

Friday April 11 - Lifecycle 20.8 Miles 60 minutes.

Saturday April 12 - 20.8 miles bike (Speed 17.1, cad 85 Ride time 91.)

Sunday April 13 - 500WU, 3x(300 pull, 2x150 on 3 in 2:15, 4x50 (on 1 in 40 (last set 45))) 2x50 on 1 in 45 - 3000.

Total for the week:
Run - 24.8 Miles
Bike - 46.8 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Weight - 160-164 (Mode 163)

Total for April:
Run - 48.9 Miles
Bike - 104.2 Miles
Swim - 12000 Meters

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Hi Chris.

I was wondering if you are the Chris Hughes that lived on New Street Roaring Spring Pennsylvania. And do you have a sister Amy and Stacey. if so would you email me at I have been trying to find them for a long time. Thank You Karen Musselman
Hi Karen -

Its not me...Sorry...

Good luck on your search!


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