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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 16
As I mentioned last week, I was a bit concerned about Monday's 8x2:00 intervals. In fact they turned out OK and the knot in the left calf did not flare up. Tuesday I hooked up with Mary for a nice swim. Mary won her age group in the Lone Star Half Iron a couple of weeks ago. Wednesday I did my usual 8 mile loop and wouldn't you know it, with about a mile to go that knot in my calf kicked in bad. Drats. Thursday I had 20x:30 second intervals, and I got through them without a problem, thankfully. Friday I did a nice swim early. For my first 300 I did a time trial and came away with a 4:25, a certain improvement over the 4:50 that I did almost two years ago! Friday afternoon I played in a golf tournament - in fact the same one that I did last year. Saturday, I got up early and took Terry on a new Lake Lavon route, about 40 miles, then I hooked up with Victoria and we did two Wiley-Rowlett-Sachse loops. That was a total of 84.1 miles - my longest ride since last year's StoopidR than Hell 100. Finally today I knocked out a nice ride around White Rock Lake.


I had been thinking of doing the McKinney Sprint Tri next week. But with the calf problem I was thinking that it was not a good idea. And until today, the long range weather forecast predicted rain. Today the forecast has changed for some good weather. And I fell so good after my nearly 140 miles on the bike this weekend, that I actually signed up for the event. Sheesh!

That calf had better be better!

Monday April 14 - Intervals 8x2:00 (2:00 rest) max hr 180 - 9.0 Miles Run

Tuesday April 15 -300WU 2x(3x200 (swim, kick, pull) on 3:30, 6x75 on 1:30), 3x200 (swim, kick, pull) on 3:30 - 3000 Meter Swim w/Mary

Wednesday April 16 - 61 min run - 8.0 miles.

Thursday April 17 - 20x:30 (60 rest) max hr 159 - 8.5 Miles Run

Friday April 18 - 500WU 3x(300, 300 pull, 4x50 on 1) 2x50 (First 300TT in 4:25) - 3000 Meter Swim.

Saturday April 19 - 84.1 miles bike (Speed 17.1, cad 85 Ride time 4:55.)

Sunday April 20 - 53.8 miles bike (Ave Speed 17.8, CAD 84, Ride Time 3:01).

Total for the week:
Run - 25.5 Miles
Bike - 137.9 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Weight - 163-164 (Statistical Anomaly Department - I weighed in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at exactly 164.0 which is unusual for a scale that measures to the tenth of a pound)

Total for April:
Run - 74.4 Miles
Bike - 242.1 Miles
Swim - 18000 Meters

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