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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Cowtown Classic
This weekend was the famous Cowtown Classic Youth Soccer Tournament. Its a well organized event. Marissa's teams have played in this one for the last three years.

Yesterday the girls played three games starting at 8:00am. In the first contest, Marissa scored three goals including one off her left foot and one "nutmeg" through the keepers legs. The girls won that match 7-0. In their second match they knocked down Polaris White 1-0. By the time their third match rolled around it was 95 degrees and they were gassed. They lost 0-3, but prior to the game they had already locked up a spot in the quarterfinals.

So today they played lights out in their first Quarterfinal beating Odyssey Gold 1-0. Odyssey had won all three of their bracket games coming into the quarters. Then the girls took down Sting 95 West Royal 2-1. Sting had won all four of their games coming into the Semi's.

Once again the girls were gassed for the final game, losing to Liverpool 0-3.

So they finished second out of 16 teams and it was a very impressive weekend for the girls.


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