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Monday, May 26, 2008
StoopidR than Hell Tune Up Ride
In anticipation of the 3rd Annual StoopidR than Hell 100 it was decided (by me) that a tune up ride was necessary. Part of this is a reaction to those who had a hard time finding their way last year. And part of it is an excuse to get some training in before the big event. And part of it is to train Victoria to ride at O-Dark-Thirty.

Terry, high tailed it to Key West, so he was a no show. Dave has not answered any of my mail. So I am not sure whats up with him. But Tim and Mike were both game. And they brought their friend Kathy. Victoria complained about the early hour, but she came. And she brought her friend Mike. Six riders not bad.

So the plan was to do the same route as the official Stoopidr than Hell except we would turn around in Van Alstyne instead of heading all the way to Sherman. According to Google that would be about 70 miles.

The problem with the ride was that we had wind from the south at 5-15 MPH gusting to 25. On our way north we were flying. But coming back was brutal. That said, everyone who started finished. And now these six all know the way for the big ride in July!

69.4 miles
Ave Velocity 16.6 MPH
Ave Cadence 82 RPM
Ride Time: 4:10


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