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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Third Annual StoopdR than Hell 100
This year Vic decided to join the crew from last year for the S-T-H-3, representing a 20% increase in participation. My plan was to leave the house at 4:55 with anyone who wanted to start there. Then we would ride over to Vic's place and then on the meeting place at Renner and Northstar.

It was a good plan except that Mike pulled in my drive at 4:55 and it took him a few minutes to get going. Meanwhile Vic was calling me so I told her to ride over to our place. We ended up leaving at 5:05. Mike and I expected Tim to be at our house, but when we got to the meeting point he was there with Super Dave and Terry. I think Tim was running late too.

It was a nice morning very little wind. For reference, this is the official route. Unlike last year, we all pretty much stuck together all the way to the first stop in Van Alstyne. We loaded up on Gatorade there and then headed out to Sherman. In Sherman we extended the route beyond what Terry and I had done the last two years in an effort to make sure it was an honest 100 without having to add some loops at the end. As we started back, we had the first failure, right on the 75 access road in front of TI mike blew a tire. I found a nice shade tree and took a cat nap!

The was a very slight headwind, and now it became apparent that Vic was going to trash the field. I got on her wheel and followed her all the way back to Van Alstyne. What a machine. Everyone was still pretty much hanging together, but Super Dave was looking a little green around the gills. We loaded up on GatorJuice, Ice and Water and headed out for the last 33 miles. Once again I got on Vic's wheel and hung with her. When we got to 121 in Anna, we had to wait a bit and let everyone catch up. Then it was off again until we got McKinney. There Terry wanted to stop a the QT, which was a great idea, as I was running low on Juice again. At this point Dave was hurting for sure, but anyone can do 15 right?

And so Vic and I hammered the rest of the ride until NStar and Renner, then we did a couple of loops to make sure everyone made it in. Which they did.

According to The Polar, we averaged 18.1 MPH for the ride, and that is pretty damn impressive for 102 miles!

And we had a 100% increase in finishers this year!

Distance: 102.7 Miles
Velocity: 18.1 MPH
Ride Time: 5:39

Stoopidr Than Hell Finishers:
Super Dave(2)
Tim (1)
Vic (1)

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