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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Race Report: The Tri Rock
It was the summer of 2005 when I realized that my hip was hopelessly screwed up. In fact it was not the hip but rather it was the SI. Same thing. After weeks of PT, the therapist realized that riding the bike was the single thing that helped the SI the most. In January of 2006 I bought the bike. I had also been swimming. And so two years ago, Terry finally convinced me to enter a Triathlon, The Tri Rock. And the rest is history.

However, I did not do the Tri Rock last year because my knee was totally screwed up. Sometime after the first Tri Rock I tore the meniscus in that dang knee. I limped around on it for a year and then at the Texas Masters I really aggravated it.

I have come a long way in the sport of sprint triathlon since that first one two years ago. But that said, I also have not done a Tri since the Tri McKinney in April. My training has been chaotic given my travel schedule this month. I was unsure as to what to expect today.

I started 25th in the pool. I was in good shape for the first 200. By then the guy in behind me had caught up, but he would not pass. I gave him several opportunities but he would not go for it. And that slowed me down. I guess that I just need to ignore the other swimmers. My swim time was 4:17 for 300 yards, which was good for 22cd position in the swim.

My transition to the bike was the best yet - 1:19 and that was also better than Vic's 1:21! During the transition Terry was amused as I ran by him with my number belt slung over my neck. Later, I showed Terry how to pull each arm through the loop while riding the bike. That probably saves a whole second right there! :-)

I was solid on the bike. It was a really hilly course. I stayed on the gas the whole time and did a great job on the hills. My time was 40:02 (33rd), which was not exceptional but not bad either. But it pisses me off that Victoria killed me on the bike - about a minute and a half faster.

Transition 2 was :20, and like McKinney, I had the fastest T2 in the race! By three seconds I might add! :-)

Winning the T2
Coming out of the T2

It was hot during the run. I ran hard posting a time of 18:19 (8th overall) in the run. Terry was right behind me the run standings with the 9th best run time. Victoria had started the race 20 seconds in front of me, and I nearly caught her at the finish line (three seconds behind!).

The Finish
I caught this guy right at the line.

My total time was 64 minutes, 15th overall. More importantly I won the Master's competition - which is a first for me in Triathlon! That said, I am not completely satisfied with the race, and I am sure that I can do better in all three disciplines.


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Monday, August 18, 2008
The Answer?
I managed a 52 minute run. Almost as soon as I stepped outside, the rain slowed to a drizzle.

That said, it was hardly inspirational. I think that all the travel is catching up.

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Rain: Run or Ride - that is the question....
Last night and this morning I was toying with the idea of riding the trainer today at the gym since I was not able to ride the bike this weekend. The alternative is to do a 60 minute run outside. I hate riding the trainer.

Looking out the Window, I see that it is raining like crazy which is pretty remarkable actually. We have had very little rain this summer. I usually don't mind running in the rain, but the rain is pushing me toward getting on the trainer.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 33
I took the week off of work this week. Wednesday I grabbed the wife and kids and we headed to New Bransfels for a couple of days of goofing around on the water. From a workout perspective, nothing great. Another travel week (and next week too!). But really, I just took it easy.

First off it was a lot of running this week - but I did not have a watch!!!!!!!!!! Arrgghh!! But in some ways its good to just dump the watch and run. Monday and Wednesday I did just that. No watch. Ran the neighborhood loop - which should be around an hour. No fuss. No muss. But Friday through Sunday I was down in New Bransfels and I had no preset course. So I needed to run for time. But I had no watch! Yikes. So I borrowed Reagan's stopwatch. Yeah I was out there with a powder blue girls sports watch. And the strap was fastened on the next to the last hole. Cute.

I did manage to get a couple of swims in however. Tuesday - I went to the Garland Club to swim and no kidding, I walk in to the pool and Victoria walks out of the ladies locker room just as I walk out of the mens locker. Completely unplanned. And her workout was identical to the first half of my plan. Except a lot harder. Of course she killed me. Thursday, I went to the New Bransfels Public Pool in Landa Park. Lap swim is from 6 until 10 am. I got there at 7 just as the swim team showed up. But I staked out a place away from them and knocked out 3200 yards. Good stuff.

BTW - my brand new Polar 610i was waiting for me when I got home. Nice. :-)

Monday Aug 11 - Approx 60 Min Run (Murphy, Northstar, Breckinridge) 7.4 miles run.

Tuesday Aug 12 - Swim with Vic 400 WU, 5x200 on 3:30; 100 pull, 50 kick, 5x100 on 1:45; 5x50 on 60; 100 pull, 100 kick, 100 swim, 100 pull, 100 kick, 8x25 kick w/fins - 3000 (160)

Wednesday Aug 13 - Approx 60 Min Run (Murphy, Northstar, Breckinridge) 7.4 miles run.

Thursday Aug 14 - Landa Park New Branfels Texas - 100 WU, 3x300, 3x(3x100 on 2, 6x50 on 1 (middle set pull)) 400 pull - 3200YD Swim (2926M)

Friday Aug 15 - Approx 30 Min Run, New Bransfels Texas 3.5 miles run.

Saturday Aug 16 - Approx 52 min run New Bransfels Texas - 6.5 miles run.

Sunday Aug 17 - Approx 58 min run New Bransfels Texas - 7.3 miles run.

Weight: 160.

Total for the week:
Run - 32.1 Miles
Bike - 0.0 Miles
Swim - 5926 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 74.4 Miles
Bike - 197.8 Miles
Swim - 7476 Meters

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 32
Tough week. International Travel. Never Fun.

Sunday Aug 02, I got up at O-Dark-Thirty and knocked out a hard 55 on the bike. That was preparation for getting on plane later that afternoon (at 3 pee em to be exact) and flying from Dallas to Amsterdam. For a crappy coach flight, I was able to get a small bit of shut eye before landing at 10am Monday in Holland. I had a pretty short connection in Amsterdam before pushing on Istanbul. Then it was a real long and shitty shared cab ride to the Ramada - which the driver could not find. However we did take an interesting detour to see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. So it was not until about 6 PM that I got settled and ready for a run. Being totally beat up from 20 hours of flying is never a good way to start a run, but in spite of that I managed a nice 60 minutes along the Bosporus. Spectacular.

The Bosporus Bridge - Looking towards Asia.

I had two more runs in Istanbul along the Bosporus the next two days, then it was a flight to Paris connecting to Marseilles on Wednesday. Thursday I was feeling a bit tired so I only managed a very easy 30 minute run on the golf course in the morning. Then the guys in the office talked me into going to the pool at lunch so I knocked out 1550 meters with them as well in a rare double. Friday I ran the whole golf course in an hour - then Friday afternoon I headed back to Paris connecting to Amsterdam. I spent the night in Amsterdam and got the KLM flight back to Dallas on Saturday. When I got home I grabbed Reagan and Logan and went for another real easy 30 minutes in the park.

Sunday Victoria was planning to do another 100 mile bike in prep for her Ironman (Louisville) event at the end of the month. I figured I would do 55 or so. We started down to White Rock Lake and did a loop there. Vic hates riding between all the runners, so she proposed riding up to Josey and 121. I was feeling OK with that so I did that and then we headed home and it was 90 for me. I am not sure how she actually tricked me into that much volume - but it felt OK!

Not bad for an International Travel Week!

Monday Aug 4 - 60 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 7.1 miles run.

Tuesday Aug 5 - 60 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 7.3 miles run.

Wednesday Aug 6 - 62 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 8 miles run.

Thursday Aug 7 - 30 Min Run Parc du Golf, Aix, France - 3.5 miles run.
- 1550M Swim Aix, France.

Friday Aug 8 - 60 Min Run, Parc du Golf - 7.5 miles run.

Saturday Aug 9 - 30 min run Breckinridge - 3.5 miles run.

Sunday Aug 10 - White Rock Loop, Plus Josey Loop. with Vic. Speed - 16.,7, Cad 75, ride time 5:28 - 91.3 Miles Bike

Weight: Unknown.

Total for the week:
Run - 36.9 Miles
Bike - 91.3 Miles
Swim - 1550 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 42.3 Miles
Bike - 197.8 Miles
Swim - 1550 Meters

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The HR Monitor Situation
It turns out that Polar now has a repair center in Dallas. I took the dead 610 down there to see if there was any hope. Meanwhile I had checked Ebay for any deals. Sure enough there is a cat selling new 610s for $99 plus shipping. The repair guy at Polar confirmed the death of my unit suggesting that the board to replace in the watch would be around $100. Polar would upgrade my unit to the RS400 for $188.

I consulted with my shopping advisor, Miss Reagan, who directed me to go with the older unit from Ebay.

So it is done. A new S610i is on the way. I hope this one will last as long as my old one! (And now I have a buncha spare parts!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008
The Death of the 610
My trusty Polar S610i has bit the big one. This watch has been my trusty running and biking companion for many, many years. So this is really sad. Today all it can muster on its display is: "MEMORY FAILEd". That's it and all she wrote. One positive side effect of this is for the short term, I can't save my workouts on the watch while delaying the reporting here on the blog. I'll need to keep up with my log, otherwise I'll forget what I actually did!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
July Workouts
I had more swim this month than last July, or this June. The bike was way dlown due primarily to Marissa having two soccer tournaments with her new team. Did I mention, that I took over as the manager of this team? Well I did, and this is one consequence. Of course the highlight of this July was the 2:16 800, which is my fastest since 2002. And unlike last July, I won't need surgury on the knee!

July was a perfect month. I have not missed a workout since March 29. I have missed three days total for the year.

First Week of July
Run - 24.25 Miles
Bike - 163.0 Miles
Swim - 3000 Meters

Second Week of July
Run - 26.7 Miles
Bike - 56.1 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Third Week of July
Run - 33.45 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 4650 Meters

Fourth Week of July
Run - 25.25 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Last Week of July
Run - 5.0 Miles
Bike - 20.4 Miles
Swim - 3550 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 114.65 Miles
Bike - 239.5 Miles
Swim - 23200 Meters

Total for 2008:
Run - 846.85 Miles
Bike - 1573.9 Miles
Swim - 173444 Meters

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Sunday, August 03, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 31
Given that I had missed two weekends in a row on the bike, I started this week on the dreaded Lifecycle - doing an hour in the gym to the tune of 20 miles. I had a nice swim on Tuesday, and Wednesday continued to try to find some decent runs from the new office location. I ran around Carpenter park, a place where we have seen many, many soccer matches. Thursday, I started what felt like it was going to be a really strong swim in the pool when the manager yanked me outta there. The club closed all the pools in the area due to the recent crypto scare. Friday I blew outta work at noon so that I could run some errands. Next week I'll be doing a tour of europe - so I needed to get some stuff done! That allowed to me to visit the old Dallas club and do one of my "usual" loops - thank you very much. Saturday and Sunday I got up at ODarkThirty - in part to beat the stupid 100 degree heat, and in part to get my body on Euro time. Saturday I rode fifty miles with Terry in three hours. Sunday, I rode 56 miles by myself in three hours!

Today I registered for the Tri-Rock Sprint Tri. The Tri-Rock was the very first of these stupid triathlons that I ever did!

Monday July 28 - 60 Min Lifecycle - 20.4 miles (159)

Tuesday July 29 - 500WU, 500 Pull, 2x200, 4x100 on 2, 400 pull, 2x200, 4x100 as 100 easy, 100 kick, 100 pull, 4x25 fins on 30, - 3000 Lifetime Plano. (158)

Wednesday July 30- 40 min run, Carpenter Park Loop 5 miles run (159).

Thursday July 31 - 550 M Swim - Lifetime Plano. (160)

Friday Aug 1 - 43 minutes from Lifetime Dallas 5.4 miles run. (158)

Saturday Aug 2 - Ride with Terry down to LBJ and back. (16.5 Ave, 3:03 Ride Time) 50.6 Miles Bike.

Sunday Aug 3 - White Rock Loop. Solo. 18.1 Ave Speed, 80 CAD, 3:04 Ride time. 55.9 Miles Bike.

Weight 158-160

Total for the week:
Run - 10.4 Miles
Bike - 126.9 Miles
Swim - 3550 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 114.65 Miles
Bike - 239.5 Miles
Swim - 23200 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 5.4 Miles
Bike - 106.5 Miles
Swim - 0 Meters

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Saturday, August 02, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 30
This week represented both the beginning and the end. It was the beginning of developing my routine around my new office. This meant getting a membership at the Plano Lifetime Club, and more importantly learning some new running routes!

Monday was the first day in the new office. I thought it might be a disaster so I worked from home in the morning, did my short intervals at the park by the house and then I went to the office. Tuesday I went to the new gym and got a nice swim in by myself. I am going to miss having Mary pace me though my workouts. Wednesday I went to SMU and did a 600 TT with Coach Vaughan. They were having soccer camps and so there were benches in lane one on both the front and back stretches. Plus a zillion kids. In spite of that, I ran my fastest 600 of the season - by four or five seconds! Wow! Thursday, I did my first run from the new club by work - just 37 minutes easy in the 100+ heat! Then Friday another 3000 at the new pool. Saturday evening was the Texas Masters Championships - my last track meet of the season. I ran the 800 in 2:16.19 which is my fastest time since 2002 (set at the same meet.) Wow! After my run I watched Orville Rodgers set a World Age Group Record (or maybe not!) in the mile again in nearly 100 degree heat. I hope I am still running like that when I am 90. Wow!

And so ends Track Season!

Monday July 21 - Intervals - Breckinridge Park 6x:30(:60) MaxHR - 173 - 6 miles run.

Tuesday July 22 - 500WU, 2x200 on 4, 4x100 on 2, 4x50 on 1, 100 easy, 400 pull, 300, 300 pull, 4x100 on 1 - 3000 Lifetime Plano.

Wednesday July 23- 600 TT SMU. 1:41. 5.25 miles run.

Thursday July 24 - Easy Distance From Lifetime Garland 37 min, 4.7 miles run (159).

Friday July 25 - 500 WU, 500 pull, 300, 2x150, 4x75, 4x25 fins, 300 pull, 2x150, 6x50, 100 kick - 3000 Lifetime Plano (160)

Saturday July 26 - Texas Masters Championships 800 Meters (2:16.19) - 5.25 Miles Run.

Sunday July 27 - 33 min easy, Breckinridge Park, 4 miles run.

Weight 159-160

Total for the week:
Run - 25.25 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 6000 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 109.65 Miles
Bike - 219.1 Miles
Swim - 19650 Meters

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Workout Notes 2008 Week 29
Every attempt to screw up my workouts was made this week. Somehow I managed decent work in spite of Murphy's valiant attempts! Starting Monday, I do not recall the exact reason that I decided to work from home, but I did so nonetheless. After my morning calls, Reagan and Logan rode their bikes with me to the park and I knocked out a tough 8x90 workout in the heat. Usually I do this workout on the soccer fields, but that would not keep the kids occupied, so instead I did this near the pond, where I could watch the kids. But the terrain is much more challenging compared to the soccer pitch. Tuesday morning I flew to Austin for some meetings with my boss and his boss. After the meetings, I did a nice run through the neighborhoods near the office. Austin is hilly, unlike Dallas. Ahem. Wednesday, still in Austin, I went to the Lifetime Fitness to get in a swim. I got in some good work in their outdoor pool - which was a 25 M pool unlike the Dallas Lifetime outdoor pools. Thursday was the last day in our office in North Dallas. Friday we moved the office a couple of miles north to Plano. I had a 300-300 workout which I needed to do in the afternoon instead of the usual plan to meet coach Vaughan at SMU in the evening. I choose a local middle school for this workout - but having never ran on that track, I failed to realize that it was short (by about 80 meters!) until I actually got through the first set in world record time! :-) Sheesh! Friday, they were moving the office, so I had to work from home. I took Logan with me to Lifetime Garland where I attempted to do a decent workout in their outdoor pool while Logan played in the leisure pool. Well that did not really work out well. But I got in 1800 yards and I taught Logan how to do a flip turn! :-) Friday night, me, Logan and Marissa spent the night in Arlington Texas, as Marissa had a 7:30am soccer game over there. I got up at 4:20 or so, and did a 70 minute run before the getting the girls up and ready for their game. Sunday I was just plain pooped! Marissa had three games on Saturday plus Logan had an indoor game in N Dallas - which I had to coach. Madness. Meanwhile Fran and Reagan had been goofing around with Bart Conner and Nadia Comenche since Thursday. Sunday I waited for them to get home and I managed a nice easy 30 minute loop in the evening to wrap up one crazy week! No bike this week. :-(

Monday July 14 - Intervals - Breckinridge Park 8x:90(:90) MaxHR - 185 - 9 miles run.

Tuesday July 15 - 45 minutes easy distance in Austin - 6 miles run.

Wednesday July 16- 500 WU, 500 Pull, 5x100 on 2, 250 pull, 5x50 on 1, 300 pull, 2x150 on 2:30, 400 pull - 3000 Lifetime Austin.

Thursday July 17 - Long Middle School - 300-300x2 - 6.75 Mile Run - 183 Max HR

Friday July 18 - 1800 Yard Swim (1650M) -Lifetime Garland with Logan.

Saturday July 19 - 70 min run, Arlington Texas, 7.7 miles run.

Sunday July 20 - 30 min easy, Breckinridge Park, 4 miles run.

Weight Unknown.

Total for the week:
Run - 33.45 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 4650 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 84.40 Miles
Bike - 219.1 Miles
Swim - 13650 Meters

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