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Sunday, August 10, 2008
The Death of the 610
My trusty Polar S610i has bit the big one. This watch has been my trusty running and biking companion for many, many years. So this is really sad. Today all it can muster on its display is: "MEMORY FAILEd". That's it and all she wrote. One positive side effect of this is for the short term, I can't save my workouts on the watch while delaying the reporting here on the blog. I'll need to keep up with my log, otherwise I'll forget what I actually did!

It's a shopping opportunity!!
Indeed....I found a brand new 610 on ebay. Also considering a new RS400.
I love my R200SD!
I was very tempted to get the RS400 - which is very similar to your RS200SD, but in the end I pulled the trigger on another S610i.
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