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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
The HR Monitor Situation
It turns out that Polar now has a repair center in Dallas. I took the dead 610 down there to see if there was any hope. Meanwhile I had checked Ebay for any deals. Sure enough there is a cat selling new 610s for $99 plus shipping. The repair guy at Polar confirmed the death of my unit suggesting that the board to replace in the watch would be around $100. Polar would upgrade my unit to the RS400 for $188.

I consulted with my shopping advisor, Miss Reagan, who directed me to go with the older unit from Ebay.

So it is done. A new S610i is on the way. I hope this one will last as long as my old one! (And now I have a buncha spare parts!)

I don't blame you. Sometimes the latest and greatest isn't all that great.
:-) Indeed.

The RS Series are probably wonderful. But indeed, with the 610i I can do all the stuff I need it to do, and I dont have learn anything new. And that gives me a few extra minutes in my day! :-)
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