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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Race Report: The Tri Rock
It was the summer of 2005 when I realized that my hip was hopelessly screwed up. In fact it was not the hip but rather it was the SI. Same thing. After weeks of PT, the therapist realized that riding the bike was the single thing that helped the SI the most. In January of 2006 I bought the bike. I had also been swimming. And so two years ago, Terry finally convinced me to enter a Triathlon, The Tri Rock. And the rest is history.

However, I did not do the Tri Rock last year because my knee was totally screwed up. Sometime after the first Tri Rock I tore the meniscus in that dang knee. I limped around on it for a year and then at the Texas Masters I really aggravated it.

I have come a long way in the sport of sprint triathlon since that first one two years ago. But that said, I also have not done a Tri since the Tri McKinney in April. My training has been chaotic given my travel schedule this month. I was unsure as to what to expect today.

I started 25th in the pool. I was in good shape for the first 200. By then the guy in behind me had caught up, but he would not pass. I gave him several opportunities but he would not go for it. And that slowed me down. I guess that I just need to ignore the other swimmers. My swim time was 4:17 for 300 yards, which was good for 22cd position in the swim.

My transition to the bike was the best yet - 1:19 and that was also better than Vic's 1:21! During the transition Terry was amused as I ran by him with my number belt slung over my neck. Later, I showed Terry how to pull each arm through the loop while riding the bike. That probably saves a whole second right there! :-)

I was solid on the bike. It was a really hilly course. I stayed on the gas the whole time and did a great job on the hills. My time was 40:02 (33rd), which was not exceptional but not bad either. But it pisses me off that Victoria killed me on the bike - about a minute and a half faster.

Transition 2 was :20, and like McKinney, I had the fastest T2 in the race! By three seconds I might add! :-)

Winning the T2
Coming out of the T2

It was hot during the run. I ran hard posting a time of 18:19 (8th overall) in the run. Terry was right behind me the run standings with the 9th best run time. Victoria had started the race 20 seconds in front of me, and I nearly caught her at the finish line (three seconds behind!).

The Finish
I caught this guy right at the line.

My total time was 64 minutes, 15th overall. More importantly I won the Master's competition - which is a first for me in Triathlon! That said, I am not completely satisfied with the race, and I am sure that I can do better in all three disciplines.


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