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Saturday, August 02, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 29
Every attempt to screw up my workouts was made this week. Somehow I managed decent work in spite of Murphy's valiant attempts! Starting Monday, I do not recall the exact reason that I decided to work from home, but I did so nonetheless. After my morning calls, Reagan and Logan rode their bikes with me to the park and I knocked out a tough 8x90 workout in the heat. Usually I do this workout on the soccer fields, but that would not keep the kids occupied, so instead I did this near the pond, where I could watch the kids. But the terrain is much more challenging compared to the soccer pitch. Tuesday morning I flew to Austin for some meetings with my boss and his boss. After the meetings, I did a nice run through the neighborhoods near the office. Austin is hilly, unlike Dallas. Ahem. Wednesday, still in Austin, I went to the Lifetime Fitness to get in a swim. I got in some good work in their outdoor pool - which was a 25 M pool unlike the Dallas Lifetime outdoor pools. Thursday was the last day in our office in North Dallas. Friday we moved the office a couple of miles north to Plano. I had a 300-300 workout which I needed to do in the afternoon instead of the usual plan to meet coach Vaughan at SMU in the evening. I choose a local middle school for this workout - but having never ran on that track, I failed to realize that it was short (by about 80 meters!) until I actually got through the first set in world record time! :-) Sheesh! Friday, they were moving the office, so I had to work from home. I took Logan with me to Lifetime Garland where I attempted to do a decent workout in their outdoor pool while Logan played in the leisure pool. Well that did not really work out well. But I got in 1800 yards and I taught Logan how to do a flip turn! :-) Friday night, me, Logan and Marissa spent the night in Arlington Texas, as Marissa had a 7:30am soccer game over there. I got up at 4:20 or so, and did a 70 minute run before the getting the girls up and ready for their game. Sunday I was just plain pooped! Marissa had three games on Saturday plus Logan had an indoor game in N Dallas - which I had to coach. Madness. Meanwhile Fran and Reagan had been goofing around with Bart Conner and Nadia Comenche since Thursday. Sunday I waited for them to get home and I managed a nice easy 30 minute loop in the evening to wrap up one crazy week! No bike this week. :-(

Monday July 14 - Intervals - Breckinridge Park 8x:90(:90) MaxHR - 185 - 9 miles run.

Tuesday July 15 - 45 minutes easy distance in Austin - 6 miles run.

Wednesday July 16- 500 WU, 500 Pull, 5x100 on 2, 250 pull, 5x50 on 1, 300 pull, 2x150 on 2:30, 400 pull - 3000 Lifetime Austin.

Thursday July 17 - Long Middle School - 300-300x2 - 6.75 Mile Run - 183 Max HR

Friday July 18 - 1800 Yard Swim (1650M) -Lifetime Garland with Logan.

Saturday July 19 - 70 min run, Arlington Texas, 7.7 miles run.

Sunday July 20 - 30 min easy, Breckinridge Park, 4 miles run.

Weight Unknown.

Total for the week:
Run - 33.45 Miles
Bike - 0 Miles
Swim - 4650 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 84.40 Miles
Bike - 219.1 Miles
Swim - 13650 Meters

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