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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 32
Tough week. International Travel. Never Fun.

Sunday Aug 02, I got up at O-Dark-Thirty and knocked out a hard 55 on the bike. That was preparation for getting on plane later that afternoon (at 3 pee em to be exact) and flying from Dallas to Amsterdam. For a crappy coach flight, I was able to get a small bit of shut eye before landing at 10am Monday in Holland. I had a pretty short connection in Amsterdam before pushing on Istanbul. Then it was a real long and shitty shared cab ride to the Ramada - which the driver could not find. However we did take an interesting detour to see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. So it was not until about 6 PM that I got settled and ready for a run. Being totally beat up from 20 hours of flying is never a good way to start a run, but in spite of that I managed a nice 60 minutes along the Bosporus. Spectacular.

The Bosporus Bridge - Looking towards Asia.

I had two more runs in Istanbul along the Bosporus the next two days, then it was a flight to Paris connecting to Marseilles on Wednesday. Thursday I was feeling a bit tired so I only managed a very easy 30 minute run on the golf course in the morning. Then the guys in the office talked me into going to the pool at lunch so I knocked out 1550 meters with them as well in a rare double. Friday I ran the whole golf course in an hour - then Friday afternoon I headed back to Paris connecting to Amsterdam. I spent the night in Amsterdam and got the KLM flight back to Dallas on Saturday. When I got home I grabbed Reagan and Logan and went for another real easy 30 minutes in the park.

Sunday Victoria was planning to do another 100 mile bike in prep for her Ironman (Louisville) event at the end of the month. I figured I would do 55 or so. We started down to White Rock Lake and did a loop there. Vic hates riding between all the runners, so she proposed riding up to Josey and 121. I was feeling OK with that so I did that and then we headed home and it was 90 for me. I am not sure how she actually tricked me into that much volume - but it felt OK!

Not bad for an International Travel Week!

Monday Aug 4 - 60 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 7.1 miles run.

Tuesday Aug 5 - 60 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 7.3 miles run.

Wednesday Aug 6 - 62 Min Run along the Bosporus - Istanbul 8 miles run.

Thursday Aug 7 - 30 Min Run Parc du Golf, Aix, France - 3.5 miles run.
- 1550M Swim Aix, France.

Friday Aug 8 - 60 Min Run, Parc du Golf - 7.5 miles run.

Saturday Aug 9 - 30 min run Breckinridge - 3.5 miles run.

Sunday Aug 10 - White Rock Loop, Plus Josey Loop. with Vic. Speed - 16.,7, Cad 75, ride time 5:28 - 91.3 Miles Bike

Weight: Unknown.

Total for the week:
Run - 36.9 Miles
Bike - 91.3 Miles
Swim - 1550 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 42.3 Miles
Bike - 197.8 Miles
Swim - 1550 Meters

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Wow. You did good. I hate international travel. Totally messes me up - not just my workouts but my entire person and internal systems!
yeah. its really, really hard. On everything.
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