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Saturday, November 22, 2008
GMaps Kicks it up a notch
I have been a fan of the GMap Pedometer for a while. Basically its a nifty tool for mapping running and bike routes. I have quite a collection of routes mapped out. That said the tool was kind of clunky to use - particularly to map out bike routes. In fact I had given up on using it map bike routes because of problems that it had.

Today, I had to take Logan down to StingLand for a two hour soccer practice. I figured I would do a 12 mile loop while she was practicing. I fired up the GMapper and lo and behold NEW FEATURES!! Automatic route mapping!!! Woo-Hoo. I mapped out this 12 miler in a few seconds. A map like this would usually take 10 minutes or more to create. Phenomenal.

A+++. Check it out!!

PS: Of course just cause one plots out a route does not mean that one can read a map. Ahem. I missed the turn on to Forest, and instead did this 13.1 halfathon. I must have been hyped up too because I ran it in 91 minutes!!


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