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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Workout Notes 2008 Week 48 (Turkey Week)
The key to consistency is routine. That is probably stating the obvious. And its also why holiday weeks suck. Since one is out of the normal routine. Anyway I made a plan and almost stuck to it. But truth be told, Victoria messed up the plan.

Monday was pretty normal - did my usual intervals on the grass during lunch break. But I took Tuesday and Wednesday off. Tuesday I had a good swim at the pool by my house. BUT, on my way over to the pool, a girl drove her firebird right off the side of the road in front of me and into a brick wall. Very freaky and scary. In particular because 2 or 3 boys died in a crash at this exact same spot. In fact they hit the very same wall. Except that they destroyed the wall so it was built bigger and stronger so that this girl could hit it again. Anyway, I was so freaked out it took me about four or five tries before I could dial 911. I kid you not I could not even dial a simple 3 digit number that only had two unique digits. The airbags were deployed and this girl was wearing her seat belt, but she had an abrasion on her head and was bleeding and was unresponsive. Several people gathered and one women was getting really mad about the wall, when she told me that it was one of her boys that was killed at that spot. Wow. Not good. Anyway they hauled the girl away in an ambulance. I think she was going to be Ok.

And then I did my swim. It was hard to concentrate.

Wednesday, Terry and I met early for a ride around White Rock Lake. We passed a guy on our way to the lake and he was still with us when we got there, so we gave him a tour of all the best hills.

And then Thursday came, which was Thanksgiving Day. And what did I give thanks for? My first road race in FOUR FREAKING YEARS!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!! And by the way my fastest 3 mile time in ten years. Do you think I had some pent up aggression? Yeah.

And that brings us to Friday and Saturday, where the girls, all three of them, were playing in the texas cup soccer tournament. 10 games on Friday and Saturday. I had to be at the fields at 7:30am each morning, and we were there until 7:30 pm each night. So if I wanted to run, that meant getting up at ODarkThirty. So I managed an 63 min run on Friday. Saturday morning I could not find my watch, so I just ran a similar loop.

And that brings us to Sunday. The plan was to swim. But Vic had other ideas, and talked me into getting on the bike. So we did our 40 mile loop. Afterwards I watched the Redskins, then we had a Gymnastics party for Reagan's team. And that was that.

Wow what a week.

Monday Nov 24 - 12x:60(:70) Carpenter Park (163) - 8.4 miles run.

Tuesday Nov 25 - 500WU, 2x( 3x150 on 2:30, 150 kick, 3x150 pull on 2:30, 150 kick) 100WD - 3000 Swim

Wednesday Nov 26 - Ride with Terry White Rock Trail/Lake - 27.9 mile bike

Thursday Nov 27 - Sachse High School Turkey Trot 3 mile race. 7.75 miles run.

Friday Nov 28 - 63 min run, 7.4 miles run

Saturday Nov 29 - 60 min run, 6.9 miles run

Sunday Nov 30 - McKinney Loop with Vic, ave 14.9, cad 70, 2:37 ride time - 39.3 miles bike.

Weight: 163

Total for the week:
Run - 30.5 Miles
Bike - 67.2 Miles
Swim -3000 Meters

Total for Nov:
Run - 153.7 Miles
Bike - 275.9 Miles
Swim - 21000 Meters

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That was interesting week.

I can understand your problem dialing 911. When I was hit by a SUV the driver stopped and ran over to me and then asked what he should do. I said, "Call 911". He did that but could not speak clear enough to tell them where we were so he handed the phone to me.

It can be tough sandwiching in exercise with family life!
Rick Ankrum
> It can be tough sandwiching in exercise with family life!


Thanks for the visit. You have a cool site!
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