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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Big Eds Experimental Ale
I finally broke down and converted one of the many ice chests laying around the garage into a Lauter Tun. That had me committed to producing a batch of 100% grain beer. I ran down to the beer supply store and they gave me:

10.33 lbs of G West 2 row 1#
.5 lb of Briess Dextrn C_PIL
.35 of Briess Crystal 60L
and they recommended a dry yeast as well - Safale US-05.

I did an infusion mash of the grain but barely holding it 150 degrees for almost an hour. Then i slowly sparged the grain for at least another 90 minutes maybe more. I stopped when I thought I had collected enough juice for the batch.
From there the rest of the recipe was the usual:

1.5 ounces of Hallertau Hops (7.5%) Boiling
0.5 ounce of Hallertau Hops (7.5%) Finishing

But the yield was about 10-15% less than my usual batches - so I need to work on that! And the specific gravity was a bit light. More Grain! More Sparge!

Specific Gravity: 1.042

Notes May 01 - Racked. Specific Gravity 1.012. Wow that was fast!
Notes May 14 - In the bottle. Specific Gravity 1.011.
Notes June 9 - At first this one seemed pretty tangy. Now that it has sat in the fridge for a week or two, its really started to grow on me.

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